Slip and Fall



Recently I discovered that I had not experienced my usual respiratory allergy in the morning. Thanks to staying active from my hikes. This allergy somehow came back (it may just be a seasonal thing), maybe this made me persist and went on a hike in weather I swear I’d not dare trying. It was the relatively high temperature, the scattered shower, high humidity, the bugs (little spiders and their webs)…

The terrain of this trail was already a bit of a challenge for hikers like me, which’s not so seasoned and not so newish. With rain and humidity, it can turn everything upside down, literally. Sand can turn into mud and mud is just as slippery as the icy snow. I took this adventure and learned my lesson on my early third or forth hike last year, except this time after months later, it’s worse.

After reaching these 600m peaks, there was a narrow, steep downhill muddy path. I had to pull on the tall grass and bushes every so often just to get my balance. I got through a few steep ones. Toward the end of this path, I finally slipped and fell. I laughed at myself while on the ground with mud on my hands shortly after I fell. I said to myself ‘I finally fell.’ I wasn’t hurt, not even a scratch.


Am I a mad man? The entire hike journey I’ve only met 1 person on the way. And he does not even live in the city.

No, it was never as dramatic as ‘Man vs. Wild’. It’s only that I grew up in the city and never received any scout training. That’s why hiking off-road with the these conditions mentioned has always been a test to my survival mindset. I treat it as a problem solving game. I did tackle all these environmental obstacles one by one, very much continuously on every step i take.

Celebration of nature

And to be fair, the easy trails can just be a brainless hangout with your friends.

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