Ordinary People


The most inspiring people can be just anybody around you, given if you have a chance to know them. They do not have to be the big shots or their glamorous second generations, they do not have to be the best in what they pursuit, they do not have to be the wisest person. Somehow you realize they exist for a reason with a special personal trait. At the end of the day, they’re just ordinary people like any of us. Working day to day, then head home to see the family and love ones, eat and rest.

Thanks to the wonderful folks from The Loop, we’re making it like an on-going project. I have chances to visit these ordinary people and get to hear their stories. From that, I get to know more about my home in a broader sense. Frankly, I’d never need to meet these people or even travel to these remote places in my life. Maybe I’m just so disconnected to the city and its people. All the things I often hear gets filtered and re-written by the media. While it’s all different when we make each visit. It’s thousand times better to witness every words they say, the little habits they do, the tones they set, the presence they hold, I get my first personal digest from it.

Life is too short to swim in our own circles of boundaries, especially knowing mines’ are outrageously small. That’s why It’s incredibly satisfying to listen to their life journeys, some are adventurous, some are doing good deeds, some are fueling their dreams, some are staying true to their ancestral village and some are just getting back on the right track.

Read the full stories of these people:

Credits: Alan P. / The Loop HK


4 thoughts on “Ordinary People

    1. I would be really lazy if all portrait shots were taken candidly. I spent time to compose. Hope they all turn out fine to the readers along with the content!

  1. I just read a few articles in the “Hong Kong Homies” series – it’s great that you’re part of this grassroots project. I love learning about other people’s lives, how/what they think about something, their stories. Looking forward to more of these!

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