About Alan P.


A Hong Kong born & breed photographer/blogger.
His interest in the fast changing society of Hong Kong, discovering that the old is no longing in the new anymore.
He finds his way to represent Hong Kong in photographs and essays through his blog. He also enjoys photo-documenting the local heritages and festivals.

Group Exhibition
Slideluck Hong Kong 2016 – Listed Artist
Scene in the City @ K11 Art Mall 2015

Hong Kong & Food Culture: From Dim Sum to Dried Abalone (Book)
The Loop HK

Where Magazine (Hong Kong) – April 2015 
Inspired Eye Magazine Issue 8

Online/Offline Featured
Inspired Eye Blog – Contax T2 Review
The Master Kong Quarterly – 1st Issue

Have fun reading!
(Updated 21st Dec, 2016)

40 thoughts on “About Alan P.

  1. Hi Alan, your pictures are fantastic. I am the organizer of the Miami Street Photography Festival, which will be held in December. It is open to everyone and you can submit photos inline. I would love to have you participate. Contact for more details or visit the website for the Miami Street Photography Festival. Thanks
    Juan Jose Reyes

    1. Thanks Juan! Thank you for your kind invitation to the festival. The festival would be a great platform to meet fellow photographers and display outstanding photography. I’m afraid my photos are not at the level which qualified for display. And the entry fee is something that I’ve not thought of. I sincerely appreciate your invite.
      Alan P.

      1. Thanks ALan,( I think your images are definitely good enough for display) Let me know if you have any questions.


        >________________________________ > From: A L A N A L A >To: jjreyesmail@yahoo.com >Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2012 8:15 AM >Subject: [New comment] Who wrote all These > > > WordPress.com >Alan P. commented: “Thanks Juan! Thank you for your kind invitation to the festival. The festival would be a great platform to meet fellow photographers and display outstanding photography. I’m afraid my photos are not at the level which qualified for display. And the entry ” >

  2. I just stumbled across your amazing photo blog while looking up “Fanling Wai.” I am in awe of your wonderfully composed photographs and your bravery in taking pictures of strangers.

    1. I’d been doing it for close to a year. No bad intention as many other readers would have noticed. It’s a way to help me remember how I get through my life especially when I’m a little lost in personal life. I think photography as many others stated as a solitary activity is the perfect fit for me as a hobby. It’s nice to have readers like you who found my material interesting enough as a personal photo blog. Happy 2013!!!

  3. Hello Alex, I stumbled upon your photo blog and I was wondering if you would like to meet up? I’m currently doing an on going street photography project in Hong Kong for an entire year at the moment (ends in August 2013). I haven’t been able to meet other street photographers in Hong Kong mainly due to work. Let me know if you are interested 🙂

    1. Dear Jackson,
      I do not mean to turn you down and just be honest. It’s just that I’m not ready for any kind of meet up outings with anyone. A couple guys asked me to shoot together thru my tumblr blog. I never attended any lesson or session with anyone so I’m basically not doing anything. And I got a pretty terrible experience from the Hangout session with Moriyama’s fans. I just do not enjoy BSing. Hope you understand. Everyone has a job, need to work. That’s not my excuse ;P

      Thanks for your genuine interest.

    1. Hello and thank you Evez! B&W is a great way to show texture and bring viewers right into the main subject I capture. I like to present my photos this way when colors are less of a concern which I think urban environment can get really repetitive. ~Alan.

  4. Hello Alan, I’ve just nominated you for the Liebster award. Please go to my blog and look for the post “Mein Liebster”. It’ll tell you what to do in order to really “own” this award. Love your blog, great pics. Best wishes, Jutta

    1. Dear Jutta, Thanks for the nomination and encouragements. I feel honored, however I got over the followers limit (200) by some. I would try not to break the rules though. Thanks very much again!! Really Appreciate that.

  5. I don’t think that it matters much if you are a little over the limit. This is an award given by bloggers who like other bloggers blogs. Please feel free to take part and answer the questions and nominate others – or if you don’t feel like it, then don’t. Too bad though to miss this chance to get to know each other. Best wishes.

  6. Hello Alan, please forgive me in this late reply! I am in fact spend more time on the blog more related to technique (www.photo-society.hk) and the Facebook under the same name (www.facebook.com/photosocietyhk). Yes, you are right. As long as each individual know exactly what he / she wants in the approach of photography and stick with that direction (at least for a while), he / she will getting to know better what is behind their motive and can develop a more personal style. Imagine if every individual start developing his / her own style, photography in Hong Kong will never be the same. We will see more interesting ideas and even more high quality work (the non-professional sector).
    For professional, if we set higher score everyday, the whole market standard will raise no matter the market environment. I strongly believe not only big budget assignment can create good looking visual products. A strong will and strong sense are even more important and many times limited budget may push creative talents to a higher level as what has left in their hand is their mind and ideas!

    1. Thanks for your positive input, Bobby. I strongly believe lacking of a personal style is a huge step back from moving forward. It’s great you mentioned about the non-professional sector. I think many of us amateurs are considered as the underdogs however their passion is no less than the professional. The internet has brought many of us amateurs together which is a great way to raise the standard among us. Looking back a year ago, I never thought I was able to come up with shots i’d imagine. I’m also happy even just to see improvements in myself.

      I had visited the Photo Society page. It’s great to obtain higher level photography related news locally.

  7. Hi Alan, I really enjoy your blog! I regularly feature HK bloggers and small businesses on my blog, in a fortnightly interview series, and I was wondering if you’d like to be involved? If yes, please drop me a quick note at bluebaluinHK at gmail.com. Thanks!

  8. Hey!
    I just found your blog and hopped in, thought it would be rude to enjoy your work, but not say hello!
    I like the way you think about cameras and their personalities or the feeling you get with different devices.
    I like that you’re brave enough to test different compositions and not so “mainstream” photography.

    Keep up the great work!
    Definitely following you to see what’s next. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Andres. I think expressing my bond with whatever I’m into gives a perfect personal view to my photography. And you’re right, I think photography should not be just this type, it can be anything. I photograph what pleases me.

  9. You blog looks fantastic! Fabulous pics and great words too. I used to live in HK and your blog brings to me a sense of nostalgia. Would be great if you can follow back! Thanks!

  10. Alan,
    I have recently relocated to HK and not too sure where about to develop films. Any good recommendations given would be highly appreciated. thanks!

    1. Hi Suzie, I drop mine off at the Fortune Photo Finishing in Sheung Wan near the Circle K/street food stalls, just off the MTR exit. That however limits to all the regular development, no pushing or pulling. You drop off the roll at noon and you can pick up around 6:30. The other lab I drop off my film is the Good World Photo Supplies in Central. They do pushing and pulling. 🙂

  11. Hi Alan,

    I am completely in love with your posts. Your photos especially – they awaken some deep feelings within me and I am moved. Please keep inspiring people like me.


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