“Xei Xei Ni Oh”


Being able to travel around in East Asia may not be an luxury for most of the employed. It’s just a matter of when and whom you go with. Going with the entire family including parents would be a very well financially planned trip, of which I often felt guilty about; until my sister made the call to go without them. It’s my first real vacation ever since I graduated 7 years ago. This made it my first time flying out of Hong Kong to travel. And the destination is Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan is an island off the FuJian coast of Republic of China however governed by the Taiwanese. Their language in written form is Traditional Chinese which is exactly the same as what we use. However in the spoken form, they use a varied version of Mandarin which not all Hong Kongese are too comfortable with. It sounds especially cute on girls for some reason.

It has been always an interesting topic to compare the differences between us three: Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. The difference economically, geographically, infra-structurally, culturally, politically, democratically. The future prospect of their capital cities, the generation XYZ and more you could easily think of. What I concern the most would be ‘The Living Environment’, how do people in Taiwan live without any influence from the Chinese Communist Party.

Taipei is a common travel destination for us. It’s just an hour flight and another 40 plus minutes to the downtown. It’s also relatively inexpensive. My sister told me she just wanted to see the place and eat their traditional local food. There’s not a hard schedule. In other words, we were there to chill for 4 days. Together with my under-used Instax, I documented my trip here and there.

It’s a valuable experience that would last a lifetime. I have gained a new perspective to Taiwan.
More about the trip on next post

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