Yours Faithfully

After meeting and hearing stories from Grandma Chan. I wished to explore the path she takes every morning. I never expected anything more than just a park. It was a mountain trail. She mentioned about how pretty the scenery was up there when trees weren’t that tall. Every step I took was a little memory of her’s, at least I felt like this way. I was caught by surprise that she is quite a hiker although her legs are not as strong as before.

I was only with my jeans and converse sneakers not even a bottle of water, the gear I had with me was only enough in town. Much like how I do in life, I rolled with it anyway without a clear objective. The longer I walked, the more I discovered. I discovered the dead end, entirely not what I intended. But along the way I met this uncle with bird cages, I clearly knew nothing about birds. I was curious enough play with them. He told me how playful this one was “she follows your move as you fiddle with your finger”.

Playing with Bird

After some adjustment in course, I’d gone back to where I started and hiked up the stairs. After more stairs up and go, I arrived at the pavilion Grandma Chan spoke about. Clearly all the trees were just too tall for a scenic spot. I wasn’t too content after all the time spent at that point. There’s no other way but to go back.

Alternative Route

I took an alternative path to go back and I came to a junction, where an off-road mountain path that could lead somewhere higher. Perhaps that’s the beauty in hiking, when finding a path that possibly leads to somewhere would keep your momentum going for a very long time. I kept my spirit up and went on.


I did find my way to the top and I wondered if Grandma Chan had been there when she was able to hike.


The Loop

Opportunity is out there for us all to figure out. Some people can have special talents that the world appreciate it immediately, some have the right connection and life could be slightly easier than those who don’t, some just are smart and work hard to get to where they belong.

I’d been doing street photography for a few years now. I was not only invisible on the street, I even consider myself never existed before 2015. While looking at all my peers, not a lot was going on in my personal life during my late 20s.

Thanks to Adele, who was a senior editor/writer and now the co-founder of The Loop HK. She had literally picked me up from the trash. I’ve been her photographer for a still work-in-progress book since the 1st quarter of 2015. I was able to photograph lots of people and places where normal people would not have access to. And really from this collaboration I’ve learned more than just photography. I’ve got to know more about the city and its people. Witnessing everything from zero at our first meet, to where we’re now is just amazing. She introduced me to the rest of the team (translator/writer, designer, financial controller), and all now serving as the regular staff for this new lifestyle/dining website. I even have a name card for the company, a title I feel like I belong for the first time. I couldn’t be happier.

A launch party was held last week on a rooftop bar+restaurant with over 150 guests came in. There were free flow beverages and Westernized Chinese finger foods. I was asked to photograph for such important event. And with lots of faith in it, since it’d be my first time using a flash, photograph an event, using film for work (’d be another story to tell); It turned out to be a delightful treat.

This has been a special year to me.


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the Founders - the Loop HK
From the rooftop
Mr. Shou
The Loop
FInger Foods
some more awesome food
liquor cabinet
Packed with guests
Making the speech
More and more food
Good people, good time
Happy people, happy time

Bounce to the Future

I’ve always consider myself somewhat athletic. Though I’m not one of those guys with a muscular build who pump iron the whole time, I had involved in various sports teams, training camps, competitions all my school years.

During my college years in the U.S., going to the gym was considered one of the key entertainments. You get to see people, that could be your classmates, teaching assistants, to-be NBA players, or just other familiar faces. While I was in university, the Rec Center (school gym) was literally just behind the apartment i used to lived in. It had an indoor pool, multi-function courts, dance room, boxing room and more. I had no excuse not to train up my body even outside was covered with ice and snow.

The Guavapass team getting ready
Special Grip Socks

It eventually had turned into a habit more than a commitment to the body. Ever since after my graduation, I’d been missing the time spent in a gym. Exercise do make human feel good, a physiological effect as the scientists say. Given that, I’ve not skipped my basic core workouts since then. Still, it’s nothing i could compare to a gym.

I’ve recently visited the Asia’s first rebounding fitness studio ‘Bouncelimit‘. This cool workout place reminds me of a futuristic spacecraft. And in fact, it does feel a lot like floating in mid air if you step near the windows. Their trampoline workouts can burn at least half more calories than traditional workouts. To ordinary people like me, it just adds fun to the equation. I guess that’s why we love bouncing on our beds so much!

Ready to Bounce
Warming Up
Lean and Stretch

You may think workouts like these would mainly focus on your lower body, in fact combining with the TRX system it also helps strengthen the mid to upper body and even cardio; making it a full body workout.
Guiding through the routinePull and Hold

I spoke with the Bouncelimit Master Trainer Dicky. He has been active in sports ever since he was a kid. Rugby, soccer, basketball, windsurfing, wall climbing, he plays it all. I was lucky enough I’m not too noobish to get into the details during the conversation with him.

Their genuine equipments are there to provide maximum safety to the students.
Students must understand everything has to start basic slowly and surely. Then progress when it reaches the level.

It’s a common misconception that workouts that look simple are not as easy as you think when do it properly. You can’t skip intermediate to advance when you’re just entry-level.

You can workout alone and you should for health sake. You don’t need a buddy to hit the gym together with.

Crossfit was like a trend. It has its upside and downside. Upside being, you can be super fit in shorter amount of time. Downside is, it can wear people out if not injuring. That’s why these days pilates, yoga, and other types have its steady fans.

Advance classes are exhausting. Each instructor would train 3 sessions per day to make sure they also have enough rest.

Some students are becoming more in shape. He’s glad to see the desired progress on them.

It’s a wish for him see more innovative workout spots such as the Bouncelimit in Hong Kong. The rent is always the problem. Just like his favorite paintball game, the owners of these venues aren’t able to afford the rent. They’re disappearing..

Stretch and Coordination

Special thanks to Antonia @ GuavaPass for giving me the access!

GuavaPass gives members access to a community of fitness studios and healthy-living experts. Locations are not limited to Hong Kong only, also in Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Shanghai, Melbourne and Sydney.  
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The Team Bounce

Bouncelimit is one of the fitness studio partners of GuavaPass, locates in Sheung Wan.
Bouncelimit – Official Web

Instructors - Dicky & DanielMaster Trainer Dicky and Daniel.


It was a year and on, for the Occupy Central. Many have said there are many changes since then. To me, there’s nothing fundamentally have changed. Unhappy people are still unhappy and happy people are also still happy. All that people cares about on the news are the negativities.

Nobody liked how the Umbrella Revolution had turned out. Let’s face it. The Legco and Governments will forever in a deadlock until 2047, the expiration of One Country – Two Systems. Hong Kong Government is very poor at piloting the city. We are much like sailing on a refuged cruise ship heading to a destination that says on the one-way ticket. The thing about this ship is that we treat our ship as home, not the land. Our crew members receive what we were supplied on and only know how to operate. There’s not a need to plan for the passengers on board, as they just want everyone arrives safely in this long journey. The crew receives radio and satellite signals from the destination to make sure the ship is always on course.

I’m one of those silly passengers on board always question why that island has this, that island has that, why can’t we have it? We have the architects and masterminds visioning what can be done on the ship while they’re not authorized to change what has been inplaced.

Until the last leg of this journey, passengers begin to panic. Worrying when the ship would get taken over by the parked destination and the radical changes to be made.

Through the dark path
Shattered Glass

More and more people will get scared about the uncertainties in future. As we count down to 2047 for those who could live long enough:
What if Hong Kong is no longer a Special Region?
What if the police is replaced by the public safety?
What if all our language is no longer our mother tongue?
What if all our banners become red?
What if we have no access to Facebook/Google or anything China does not want us to view?
What if our media cannot report freely as they wish?
What if foreign labor comes from many provinces of China?
What if we get yelled by the Chinese in return when Hong Kong is no longer our ‘own’ place?

There has been concerned groups chanting for the independence of Hong Kong. I know the impossibility behind their wildest imagination. But let’s face it, we pretty much treat Hong Kong as a separate entity. When we get asked where are we from, how would you answer?

Hong Kong people are realists. If you ask the post world war II baby boomers their relationship with China, they’d for sure say “we all belong to China for the historical reasons”. I totally understood the hardship during their times. If you ask the same question to the generations after, they’d say “what do China have to do with us? We’re Hong Kongese. Hong Kong is our home.”


I finally got a real taste of Moonlight Clan.

The term ‘Moonlight Clan 月光族’ is no alien to me – spending money over the entire month of salary. It’s a domino effect when the previous month has already running behind in money, then the following months would roll over to another. It’s very common here in Hong Kong when cost of living shows no mercy to its people.

It all began from my last trip to Taipei. How expensive would it be to travel there? To me, a trip like this was a miracle. Then some more spent on my dad’s new phone and a replacement computer speaker.

It was uneasy to get through day by day. I’d been questioning, filled with discouragement and despair; it hugely affects the well being of a person. It’s nothing like an apocalypse, but it’s pretty darn close. I never want it happen again.

Proofing it sharing is giving. Photos were taken with a borrowed (all manual) Nikon FM2. I really appreciate the host of this camera, giving is the ultimate spices in life.

Giving and Sharing
First Contact
Plant Decor
Chinese Dress

Fading Away Faces

‘百花齊放’ (meaning all flowers are in bloom) was used to describe the hyper-sonic economic growth during the 70-90s. All the previous generations had implied that: Despite all types of works, if you were willing and able to work then you can live and have a family.

Walking along the main passage Connaught Road West which stretches along the entire West District is like walking through a time tunnel.

Our iconic double decker tramway system is part of the ‘still-functioning’ heritage on the Island. Its longest route runs from the West end of Victoria Harbor to the East end of it, in Shau Kei Wan. I would dare not to travel from one end to another unless I’m in some kind of crisis. I could imagine how long it takes with that many stations and stop lights, unless it’s for a rented tram party at night. Some of the most popular historic images found in the museums archives had actually taken place on the West end. There’s the famous Dried Seafood Street as a back drop from Sheung Wan (the beginning section from the commercial-heavy east end), then to the older residential community in Sai Ying Pun (the mid section where luxury apartments are now in place), and lastly the Kennedy Town had undergone the most changes. It used to be a spot where all the ‘dirty’ facilities were located, such as slaughtering facilities, incinerator and hospitals with plague. Now, it has become the new SOHO, the hippiest spot on the island. Lots of ‘sea view-ready’ apartments, fusion restaurants of all type and of course the chic cafes and pubs. I’d imagine the older residents would feel totally shocked seeing all the drastic changes.

‘Wiped’ is a bittersweet phase to use for the older community, some are still well tucked in on the quieter quarters. Some dying businesses and handmade crafts (or some people prefer calling them as art now) are still struggling to survive in this modern city. These skillful masters are either too old, no one to pass along (nobody wishes to do it for living), China can manufacture it more efficiently with comparable price, or simply the business can’t cover the operating expenses. The aging community is undeniably fading away and get replaced by the executive-level and well-off residents. Some say that, it has brought new energy to the area. It’s really up to how you want to put it.

All the increasing rents were driven up by the arrival of subway extension project. The property developers had been eyeing on all the old blocks ever since the project was given the green light. The subway has in fact brought convenience to the district and its people. I have heard plentiful of welcoming voices from the residents, however it’s another story to the business owners.

The Fishing Warrior
Beauty Queen
Scaffolding Bamboo
Tree Pruning or what
Goodbye Trees
Painting the fading face

True story: Two colleagues of mine were forced to move out of the West District years ago due to the hefty rent raised by landlords. They moved across the harbor, across the mountains; making it at least an hour and a half to commune to work (not uncommon for northern district residents). Most of us would consider 30 minutes as the ideal sweet spot to commune. Some enjoy the trade offs, for fresher air and quieter living environment; some don’t. But then what are the choices.

The Reincarnated Lai Yuen

The re-opening of this “pseudo” Lai Yuen Amusement Park had re-lit many’s childhood memories. The news came on very late not until the month before the opening. The site where it locates had held so many events from wine festival to an insurance sponsored paid-entry carnival, from the not-so Basel fine art exhibition to a horse circus. All these usually comes with an admission fee, but this temporary Lai Yuen Amusement Park was allowed free admission. It’s the least they could do to bring people in.

I photo-documented this park carnival with a plastic analogue camera fitting the toyish and yet surreal theme. 

What’s Lai Yuen?
To most people especially the younger generation like me had not lived or old enough to remember that period while it was still in business at Lai Chi Kok. It was a 100% local HongKongese operated amusement park with a zoo since the 50s. It was closed in 1997 due to lack of profit and poor park maintenance. It was a popular hangout spot for couples and families.

I think the idea of Lai Yuen had not re-surfaced until the opening was partially due to a far cry from the capitalized Hong Kong society. There were so many Hong Kong Back-in-the-Days exhibitions over the years. Even our Hong Kong only Ocean Park had added a mini ‘Old Hong Kong’ section to display a glimpse of the old days. All these really had brought back many people’s memories. Some even most we haven’t seen. Who would have thought before all the reclaimed land from Kennedy Town, all the way to Quarry Bay/TaiKoo could all look like a Europe. Buildings’ architecture were so beautiful. So could even be seen similarly in the also British colonized India. Hong Kong all just seem so beautiful all of a sudden. The Hong Kong it was, is not the current Hong Kong. It all making it seemed like the Old or our physical heritage had been gone forever. I hate to say it but money has to go first in the city.

The Elephant named Tino used to be in Lai Chi Kok was replaced with a fake motorized robot one. It had turned into a game where it shoots water from its nose when participants successfully thrown a fake banana into his opened mouth. I admit that I was skeptical when I read it on the news but turned out it was fun to watch people throwing the banana to anywhere but the mouth. I guess they could’ve added one more penalty for the participants, either a really loud howl or a sneeze from it.

There used to be live tigers and more with their in-house wild animal tamers. I thought tamers in Hong Kong are only for the house pets, cats and dogs. Well, the tamers trained the animals in the old-fashioned barbaric way. If we modern people re-wind it back, the SPCA sirens would be in code red.

Other than the irreplaceable live animals, the park had offered a few Lai Yuen classic rides and games such as the Happy Ding Ding Boats, Merry-Go-Round, Spooky School and the Gum Tiles.