I just can’t pretend to be an expert when I’m not. When on the street if you ever spot me, you’d notice I hardly shoot a lot. My philosophy is: shoot only the special stuff.  This became a habit and until recently I got so consumed with the film rangefinders. I brought my 35RC with me I realized I wasted too much time and effort when busy changing settings (manual exposure). I ended up missing what’s around me (got so stressed out too lately). You may argue it’s the fun part. I do not disagree but to my productivity on any normal given day, it does not add up. I need to set free with the auto mode.

The stripped down real basic of what photography should really be; it’s about how we see, how we feel about life, the people and more. It’s a calling to why I photograph. I just want to experience the life around me. What dictates the work of somebody is really how they find interesting experience and paint it like a story. It’s when I go back to the compact, always-ready attitude. It surprised me how it enabled me to produce (more). The more I produce, the more likely to get what I want. I looked back from the 2 or 3 rolls so far I’ve taken. This market scene picture had got to be my favorite. I believe it’s how I bond with my gear by spending quality time with it on the field, then celebrate the results by saying: Thank you! You did it again!

The Alternative Wedding Shoot
The Construction Work
Essence Oil
Floral Wall
Disco Neon in Market
Glass Lanterns
Outdoor Theatre (Pound Lane Concern Group)

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