Seek Change in the Dark


I’m all about the right price tag when choosing my film. I found myself tried a bit harder on this last roll with Agfa Vista Plus 400. It doubled my time to finish it. I wanted a cheap alternative to my favorite Lomography 800. I wished it could be the answer. After all, It’s still not a cheap choice after all when consider the higher cost for push processing. It came to my conclusion after an in-depth deep thinking. It’s nothing magical, just shoot with the roll I enjoy for the moment. Make the most out of it. The rest is history.

I gauged on what’s happening in the city. Apart from the Occupy protest, believe me there’re twice as many people that aren’t happy with the government; but they just want to live an ordinary life by staying out of it. Is life really that bad here? No, it isn’t. It’s just difficult. When you look around, we aren’t that bad. We just need to make progress for improvement. Life is okay, the city is slowly lacking the competitiveness if you leave the financial center part out of the equation. We’re quite hollow. Our leaders do not have prospect to make Hong Kong as one of the most advanced cities in asia/the world. Hong Kong can easily build something incredible if we make plans. Who says we don’t have talents around? We just do not have chance to work out something sustainable. Who says we can’t build the world’s biggest underground garden? Who says we can’t become the leader in garbage management? Who says we can’t have a twenty-four-seven free sports network on TV? Who says we can’t have the double decker trams in Kowloon? Why can’t the Mid-Levels pedestrian escalator install fans to ventilate better during summer? Look around and see how boring our streets are, why not paint the fences and light posts in different colors like the tiles at the MTR stations. These might be the silliest ideas ever, but believe me people buy into these kind of changes.

I want to see changes so bad in the city. I grew very tired of it. I heard this interesting phrase on TV this week: “Not only our living spaces are crammed up, our souls are crammed up as well.” It’s so true. It’s affecting us, and killing us.
Lit up
Crowded rush hour
Look Out
Seeing the world
Not seeing through
Happy Indonesians
You Should Be Here!

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