33ºC / The Heaven and Hell

Get Lost in the City

Gazing down to the lost city

Street photography is not a too appropriate description of a genre. Even there’re photographers out there who shoot street photos disagree labeling them as ‘Street’ photographer. I also realize the meaningless term that keeps repeating and cycling over my head from time to time. What does street photography do to me? Does it have any relation to me? Does it give a certain identity to myself? I’m lucky that I do not like complicated things, when questions get tricky I’d choose to ignore them and finish my thing instead. A little jump to the conclusion as you can see…

I’ve previously noted myself as a photoblogger more than a photographer regardless of level I’m in. There’s a huge distinction between the two. A photoblogger to me is like a modern version of photographer. I’m the one in charge of everything basically – from scheduling, photo shooting, photo processing, writing, editing, maintaining the blog… And honest to earth, blog like this gears toward a very niche group of audience. That is without the help of anyone such as recommendation from other well known peers, publication of some sort, collaborations or some breakthrough projects. I do not think my formula to blogging has changed much since Day 1. There’re refinements, improvements but overall nothing has changed drastically.

The heaven and hell divider

The heaven and hell divider

From an editor standpoint, I’m pushing for photographic opportunities out there. From a photographer standpoint, I’m battling the heat and humidity. I’d be damn lucky to come up with few photos I really like for just an hour of shooting on the odd days. It’s as simple as that: when there isn’t any input, output is nowhere to come. Other says about how some other art forms can influence thy photography, I’m not at that level yet. I cannot see myself absorbing bits from let say music, painting,…. However, I’m very open to possibilities especially days like these.

33ºC plus the at least 80% of humidity, I get nothing but sweat just by walking for 5 mins or stand still for 10 minutes under the sun. I notice I’m a little off lately too when I feel like shooting. I can easily blame on not meeting a spark (an absolute cannot miss photo opportunity) that get me going like I usually do on any given days. I wonder why most of the shots I came up were architecture. They have ‘zero’ meaning to me as life experience. And they’re not particularly good either. It’s a clear indication I’ve to go back to a drawing board. I must enter the hell-like street, it is the first step must take.


The evil in heaven

This is just the early beginning of Summer 2013. It’s scourging when the sun is up high, I have no choice but to adapt, adapt smartly. There’s still plentiful of time to adjust. The biggest enemy are laziness and comfort. There’ll be many more 33ºC days to go.

6 thoughts on “33ºC / The Heaven and Hell

  1. Honestly, when I am out shooting, I am so engrossed in the process (this is my hobby and not my job) I forget everything else around me. I can be standing in -20oC weather or under the scorching sun, and it does not bother me since I am doing what I really enjoy.

    1. yea, Mark. I think that’s the sick part too especially when family or friends are around. I either get distracted or ignoring friends. I need to work on patience and fight the heat for sure. As I said, I do not work for anyone but myself on my blog, I get to pace myself. Time is what’s available.

  2. That is without the help of anyone such as recommendation from other well known peers, publication of some sort, collaborations or some breakthrough projects.

    I think you’ve summarized the whole blogging phenomenon very well in that paragraph. Virtually no qualifications are needed, and approval of peers or support from venerable and established members are a later benefit (if that benefit comes at all). Anyone can get started and keep doing his thing on a blog as long as he has the equipment, and the equipment in many areas is very affordable to a good many people, no matter how wonderfully talented or marvelously incompetent.

    But I like your photos and posts I’ve seen so far, so I’m glad you’re able to do this. 🙂

    1. I found various blogging platforms are so prone to fast food type of posts, in particularly the well known Tumblr which I’m still using it as a supplement / gallery. I do not think readers like to read anything on Tumblr. They just want to see things. Perhaps I have not played long enough.

      Thanks Lasster on the kind words. I think a thought-out essay or heart-felt simple writings are ultimately the key be the better crowd. I found giving meanings to photos I’d taken is a way to express myself.

  3. Alan, you know I have respect for you. I do understand the heat and it’s effects on being on the street. Hmmmm, there’s that word…Street? Dunno Alan, I know I’m a streetshooter, always was, always will be….here’s the problem…..
    I view your work here and other places and I get this tingling sensation….

    Word on the street is….Like it or not….your a street shooter. Methinks that’s the truth…..

    1. dear Don. Thanks for your kind feedback. I’m not quite there yet to investigate on the correct word for street photography. I always have doubts, can be anything from why am I shoot photos of this man or woman. I’m not really meeting him/her. I was just passing by, sometimes I say hello or compliment, sometimes I nod. I’m missing the whole point. That’s why you see my photos of the recent months were more than just a simple portrait and nothing else in the frame. This little step determines my intention and what’s going through my inner mind. To me I think, ‘Street’ should replace as ‘Life’. And I think my compass tells me to head that way.

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