Accepted the Fact

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Seeing the frame does simply not directly translated into a photograph envisioned. There’s none but a LCD screen on my phone to frame my photographs. Photographing off it reminds me of processing a photo in real time. With a considerably level of automatism on the phone software, it chooses the best available settings appropriate for each scene. There’s no way to work around of it, exposure is a few touches and it can make the photo entirely different from what our eyes see. It’s just like that. The immediate changes on the display is almost a live result for you to accept by just simply hitting the shutter. It’s a fresh new way of thinking for me. I think it’s cool to work with a LCD and be more selective.

I’d gone back to my GRD for the automatism approach which is rather similar to my phone. I realized whatever works in the past, it should work again. Even the tiny changes, so far 3 straps in different style I’d changed; still the earliest one gave me the most comfort in it.

It’s a dumb down. Why all the cameras when my phone is producing my work already? It’s funny technology would not wait for us, years from now many of our devices would go out of date, become obsolete. There’ll be better capabilities to replace the old. One thing they can’t replace from us though, our appreciation in photography (if it’s still there). It all came from my recent purchase of a used phone for my dad. I saw how happy he is playing with the slightly outdated Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as some refer it as a phablet. Even some shops are not stocking parts for it. I knew my dad would really appreciate the 5.5 inch screen to read his hiking maps. A replacement of a new battery and flip cover, it’s good to go just like new. Still plenty of mileage left to go and firmware updates would keep it refreshing.

Soon when I pick up what I’ve left off, think about appreciating my camera instead. I picked them. Plus, they give me a sense of identity.
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Losing the Grip

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The current hot topic is how we should be handling the ever increasing Mainland Chinese tourists. An average local Hong Kongese feels our home is under threat. Threat of occupying our public spaces in a few districts that notorious for shopping necessities and luxury name brands. It’s really not my business until I see how politicians and government officials answered the questions made by the public. Speaking of developing new tourist attractions, all they do is pointing the finger on which way they should go. Who doesn’t know we need new spots for tourists…talk is cheap. I see really see no commitment in them, no foreseeable plans. So there they are, debating.

We are aware of the overcrowded issue on the main tourist attractions. There’re many of us believe we the locals should deserve better. We do not understand why there’s so few tourist attractions. Perhaps developing a new attraction would take forever and it’s really not necessary because all our government could think of is to develop more and more shopping centre? As we see how all our infrastructures are delaying. We do not understand why benches and seats are so hard to find in shopping malls. Yes, perhaps everyone is an iron man won’t get tired. And probably everyone can afford to pay for their seats in a restaurant on a mall instead. Our government should be taking the leading role to think the unthinkable, ‘wow’ everyone for once. I’m for one not too appreciate the public spaces in the city. I would even avoid going to some districts at all cost, knowing it’d be a waste of time waiting for transportations and facilities. Just when our tourism and the retail franchises are becoming the city’s main source of income. Who doesn’t want to make money, only that the money is not really going back to the general public and our living environment is getting more and more crowded. Should we not be saying anything back to those in charge of all that?
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The Lit City

There was not a thing in mind in the past week. There was absolutely nothing I could make myself do. Even if there’s a new camera to play with, I wouldn’t go wild. I stuck with my routine walk after work. I’m not seeing, feeling anything at all. I see desperation. I try to convince myself now and then. I question myself if It’s the perfect time to go on some sort of short hiatus and re-program myself again. I’m no iron man. Not only a sizable break perhaps a new direction.

How about just get lazy and play with my 28mm again? See if I can skip going for a break for more than just a few days.. How does that sound?!

2.5 Hours

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It has to be the shortest stay I’ve ever spent in China in my entire life. If it’s not because of Ching Ming, I would not have spent just 2.5 hr in Jiang Men. Well, somehow it’s caused by the odd scheduling by the ferry company. There’s just 1 return trip from Jiang Men at 3:30pm. We arrived almost 12pm and with rides from and to the restaurant and the cemetery. My actual stay was just 2.5 hrs.

I did not get enough quality sleep because of the birds chorus 4am in the morning, got up at 6am. Then there’s the lousy McDonald’s dining experience at the ferry pier. Everyone tried to fight for their tables just because it’s Ching Ming. Last but the least, heavy fog at the first leg of our boat ride. It caused some delay on the overall time traveled.

It’s probably the first hottest day in 2014, I sweated like a dog under the sun at the cemetery. Sunburn? Hell yes.

And perhaps it’s the such short amount of time spent in Mainland. I was able to saw and reflect. There’s the tier one cities Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou to many people they’re the icons of China. What I see in Jiang Men is that, there’re still lots people left behind. It’s just not catching up…

3 hrs later…I was in Hong Kong again. Here I see modern people filled in a prosperous city.
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