The Instant Analog

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Okay. Retro is a big hit in the photography world, even Nikon’s DSLR now becomes a chunky retro machine-gun. We try hard to make our cameras and photographs look retro. How about reversing it?

I wasn’t part of my plan to pay a visit to a city park that required a bit of travel, until my girlfriend decided to finally bring out her Fuji Instax camera that hadn’t been used for years. Thanks to her! It’s a cute (pink accented) camera that produces polaroid-like results. I can assure you the Instax Mini 7S model is designed for those who know nothing about photography. While it’s as easy to use as it is, the results offered were beyond anything I had not imagined. It has basically no control at all for this model, only 4 basic modes for environment selections (They control the aperture size from f12~32 i believe). The flash fires whenever the shutter triggered.

The focal length is 60mm and it’s standard among all other Instax models. It does a hell of a job for selfie and even jaw dropping for portraits. The photographs we have come up were some good memoir. To physically hold the films and photographs is a feeling that I haven’t had for a very long while. I hate to break it down this way. The films are not cheap, but the joy to share during the shoot and after is priceless. The Instax is now our toy.

The day after I was circulating the idea about what makes the Instax photos so special. While the person in the actual photo plays a huge part, I also found out it’s the ‘extra attention’ paid to each photo makes Instax and perhaps others refer as film so special. I got no problem with the ‘extra attention’ as I shoot my digital like film in a way. The 60mm lens which similar to the standard 50mm has put new perspective to casual users who rarely use this focal, I’m for one. It puts even more attention to what’s in and not in the frame to nail the photo.

The name card sized instant photos rolls out while we hit the shutter become the precious memories. It can’t be replicated by our digital gear’s megapixels. I do not think we can compare the two, digital and instant analog together. They’re for different use for and as a user. Since that day, I’m addicted to the Instax. I can’t wait to turn the next blank film into something interesting I’ve encountered. The Mini 90 sounds like fun.

I’ll give myself a few days to cool off this feeling…

Gone missing
Around the clock
End of the day, start of the night
American School Bus
Fruit stall
Gardener and the construction
Nathan Road
The famed tv host as the fortune god
Flowers and rain water

The Happy Queue

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Music pumping,
Banners waving,
Balloons floating,
Models posing,
Cameras flashing,
People queuing,
and me sweating

That’d attracted lots of attention to passerby, including me.

Top Shop is a fashion label I’ve not ever heard of, It’s claimed to be one of the biggest fashion chains in the UK. Living on the side of the world prevents me from knowing or I’m just wearing whatever brand labels are available here. They’re making their debut in Hong Kong today, opening their first shop on Queen’s Road, Central. GAP, H&M also made their debut openings on the same street. I’m not particularly drawn to Top Shop (they do not have men’s department) ever since I saw the ‘coming soon’ bulletins.


As for the others, they’re so damn excited about it. It’s a common phenomenon here to queue for debut openings. My buddy and I both were too sensitive to the queuing phenomenon. We like to joke about the queuing crowd as ants or sheep.  Maybe our space on the street is just way too limited, plus the high population density. Whatever people do, we see it. I believe it also happens on the rest of the world. It’s a celebration anyway, com’on?!

I finished my lunch break and passed by the queue area near the shop. I could feel the excitement and anticipation from the crowd even for just seconds.

33ºC / The Heaven and Hell

Get Lost in the City

Gazing down to the lost city

Street photography is not a too appropriate description of a genre. Even there’re photographers out there who shoot street photos disagree labeling them as ‘Street’ photographer. I also realize the meaningless term that keeps repeating and cycling over my head from time to time. What does street photography do to me? Does it have any relation to me? Does it give a certain identity to myself? I’m lucky that I do not like complicated things, when questions get tricky I’d choose to ignore them and finish my thing instead. A little jump to the conclusion as you can see…

I’ve previously noted myself as a photoblogger more than a photographer regardless of level I’m in. There’s a huge distinction between the two. A photoblogger to me is like a modern version of photographer. I’m the one in charge of everything basically – from scheduling, photo shooting, photo processing, writing, editing, maintaining the blog… And honest to earth, blog like this gears toward a very niche group of audience. That is without the help of anyone such as recommendation from other well known peers, publication of some sort, collaborations or some breakthrough projects. I do not think my formula to blogging has changed much since Day 1. There’re refinements, improvements but overall nothing has changed drastically.

The heaven and hell divider

The heaven and hell divider

From an editor standpoint, I’m pushing for photographic opportunities out there. From a photographer standpoint, I’m battling the heat and humidity. I’d be damn lucky to come up with few photos I really like for just an hour of shooting on the odd days. It’s as simple as that: when there isn’t any input, output is nowhere to come. Other says about how some other art forms can influence thy photography, I’m not at that level yet. I cannot see myself absorbing bits from let say music, painting,…. However, I’m very open to possibilities especially days like these.

33ºC plus the at least 80% of humidity, I get nothing but sweat just by walking for 5 mins or stand still for 10 minutes under the sun. I notice I’m a little off lately too when I feel like shooting. I can easily blame on not meeting a spark (an absolute cannot miss photo opportunity) that get me going like I usually do on any given days. I wonder why most of the shots I came up were architecture. They have ‘zero’ meaning to me as life experience. And they’re not particularly good either. It’s a clear indication I’ve to go back to a drawing board. I must enter the hell-like street, it is the first step must take.


The evil in heaven

This is just the early beginning of Summer 2013. It’s scourging when the sun is up high, I have no choice but to adapt, adapt smartly. There’s still plentiful of time to adjust. The biggest enemy are laziness and comfort. There’ll be many more 33ºC days to go.