Losing the Grip

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The current hot topic is how we should be handling the ever increasing Mainland Chinese tourists. An average local Hong Kongese feels our home is under threat. Threat of occupying our public spaces in a few districts that notorious for shopping necessities and luxury name brands. It’s really not my business until I see how politicians and government officials answered the questions made by the public. Speaking of developing new tourist attractions, all they do is pointing the finger on which way they should go. Who doesn’t know we need new spots for tourists…talk is cheap. I see really see no commitment in them, no foreseeable plans. So there they are, debating.

We are aware of the overcrowded issue on the main tourist attractions. There’re many of us believe we the locals should deserve better. We do not understand why there’s so few tourist attractions. Perhaps developing a new attraction would take forever and it’s really not necessary because all our government could think of is to develop more and more shopping centre? As we see how all our infrastructures are delaying. We do not understand why benches and seats are so hard to find in shopping malls. Yes, perhaps everyone is an iron man won’t get tired. And probably everyone can afford to pay for their seats in a restaurant on a mall instead. Our government should be taking the leading role to think the unthinkable, ‘wow’ everyone for once. I’m for one not too appreciate the public spaces in the city. I would even avoid going to some districts at all cost, knowing it’d be a waste of time waiting for transportations and facilities. Just when our tourism and the retail franchises are becoming the city’s main source of income. Who doesn’t want to make money, only that the money is not really going back to the general public and our living environment is getting more and more crowded. Should we not be saying anything back to those in charge of all that?
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Exclaimation in solitude
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The Lit City

There was not a thing in mind in the past week. There was absolutely nothing I could make myself do. Even if there’s a new camera to play with, I wouldn’t go wild. I stuck with my routine walk after work. I’m not seeing, feeling anything at all. I see desperation. I try to convince myself now and then. I question myself if It’s the perfect time to go on some sort of short hiatus and re-program myself again. I’m no iron man. Not only a sizable break perhaps a new direction.

How about just get lazy and play with my 28mm again? See if I can skip going for a break for more than just a few days.. How does that sound?!

Without the Title


The unasked portraits of some unknown person is often perceived as a kind of street photography. I believe it’s how some people are pursuing right now. I’d just skip the in your face flashgun part. That’s not my cup of tea which I’ve tried before. It’s a way how the photographers’ work their photos. They find satisfaction with it, I give them respect of their work.  Many started to question what exactly is street photography. Everyone has their way to define it, I’d think of it as a journey of a person (us) observe/record what they enjoy. The pieces of life around us. Curators often call ‘this is how the XYZ photographer sees the city of ZXY.”

Street photography is a mixed martial art genre. It has a little bit of everything, portraiture, landscape, travel, abstract, candid and even close-up micro photography can be seen done by street photographers. The word ‘street’ is just a chic decor to the ordinary photographer’s title, or I prefer saying how versatile of some (good) photographers can be.

I continue to shoot with what catches my eye, grinding through all the city streets and narrow lanes. Title is never a thing for me. I never label myself as such and such. After all I’m just a human being with a life. I let my life tells my story in my photography. It’s honest. Unlike traveling away to just hoping for a few good shots purely for photography purposes.

Photographing in-between my day-to-day activities with my phone is the least I could do when I’m away from my gear. The best bit won’t go to waste. There’s also beauty without human being as the predominant subject. Knowing the limit of my phone, I focus on what else worth remembering instead. It’s beyond fun.

It changes all
a hole new world
Lone Tree
The Philipines music band
The audience

Look simple, Think hard.


Simplicity has changed us. It helped us think deeper.

All of a sudden our pocketable smartphone becomes the most accessible camera ever. It is photographer’s dream to be able to shoot wherever they’re, whenever they can. Even for me, I shoot even I’m not in the mood of getting any. It’s just so easy. I use it as an opportunity to exercise my vision. The smartphone camera is the smartest thing ever, it does not have the best control in it, image quality is just fine. I wouldn’t count on it for anything other than casual snaps. Yet, it’s somehow expressive in a way how I slow myself down to indulge in each given scene.

Truthfully reflecting our inner self is what I believe the purpose of one’s photography.

I would not try doing unasked headshot portraits with my phone. It’s just too intrusive here (considering all the social networks), more than a DSLR if you ask me. Other than that, I’d try doing anything with my phone. It’s a sketch to my other framework. I recognize myself do not look so pro when shooting with a (android) phone, fact is I’m not even using an iPhone with more apps to control. Screw it, I get what I need and I call them my photographs.

Tower of Savior

Sea traffic

Parked buses

The Sunday mass

Government land without any use


Worshipping Idol

When I’m satisfied, I know I’m on the right track. See my previous post Raining at the hospital. There were a few shots I really love. That’s satisfaction.