The Colorful Hong Kong: Collection (5-6/2012) – Part I


Stairs of the world cities

Having know that the first photo contest (Invisible Photographer Asia) I’ve ever participated in was a fierce competition. By entering with only my below par collection was like hitting head onto a wall. I sincerely congrats to those who’ve won (whatever…they don’t know me).

Dressed up to cemetary

During the month of May, I pushed myself to the limit in order to come up with some images I’ve pictured in my mind. That month prior to the contest, I really went out daily to hunt for the images. And I’ve gotten results that I’ve even surprised myself. I think the results were good stepping stones to what I could build upon. Knowing how far I could get to is a great way to learn about myself as a photographer.

Starbucks ladies

I feel like things are slowing down now. As I’ve mentioned I’m on a slow-cook mode. My mindset is affecting by it with that reason. I’m feeling not too productive. I found my timing is off by slightly bit (which is seriously causing me to miss shots). Although I’ve figured a fun, new way to do flash photograph with my GRD last week. Other than that, I’m still pretty slow. I’m going to use these few days of holiday to freshen up myself.

Chips and beer

I’d been keeping my collection of photos on my PC taken with my X100. I was going to keep for longer period of time. I found myself forgetting how I do portrait-like street photography in June after slowing down. Having images posted would force me to hunt for the new ones especially with my X100. It’s such as great camera to be wasted by not shooting images I wanted. I hope I’d continue to develop something cool after this collection.

The contractor workers

I believe this collection is also a great showcase of zone focusing with a camera on street photography. There were even images taken with flash when I felt like using (depends on my mood). Flash does produce cool effect that nothing else can compare.

Worker taking break


Man borrowed his wife's hat & sunglasses

Cantonese cafe

Clipping nail

Hiding alone for lunch

On the phone in a noisy street

Man snacking


Part II will continue tomorrow…

10 thoughts on “The Colorful Hong Kong: Collection (5-6/2012) – Part I

    1. Thanks Selvinas! Once in a while I see people dressed up to somewhere important. Being there with a camera is a great way to record what I see during this period of time. 10 or 20 years from now, our current clothing would possibly go out of fashion. Much like how we look at the 70-80s.

      1. Know what you mean. Just yesterday I saw a news footage of 10 years ago and I thought, Wow, can’t believe we dressed like that, it looks so different!

        And 10 years isn’t even that long ago! But it just seemed as if back then people were dressed more casual and in cheaper clothes or something .

  1. I love the staircase – where is it? The guy eating noodles on the bench with a red cap on – great pic. The colours are so contrasting and his posture is so interesting! And I love the pic with the girl drinking Starbucks – do you know her? It’s such an interactive photo. Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. thank you very much,Lemonoade. The staircase is an Olympic staircase in Causeway Bay on Hongkong. It’s a shot which I found elements are there (colors including the bus at the right corner, human presence especially the little girl)

      The Starbucks lady photo was a surprise. I’ve already had my camera ready only waiting for her to look my way. She was talking to her friend next to her. And the end I found it cool to capture such genuine smile. And I do not know her.

      These two series are quite heavy on the human subjects..which I found it too intense and lack of room to breath. But it’s done in order to show what am I up to lately and what adjustment I needed going forward. A calibration if you will. I’m currently experimenting shots with a bit more space and distance, particularly when I found myself not pushing for portraits. Like you’ve mentioned, the shots with red cap and staircase are the ones that allow viewers to breath.

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