Shanghai Streets by Sue Anne


The Han (韩) sisters
(Image by Sue Anne Tay)

China has always been considered a mysterious country. Not a lot of us know about China that well, we hear news and magazines say about her in a perspective that’s pre-conceived by others. I always advice my friends to stay neutral and be subjective when viewing incidents occurred outside our home countries. Is China really that mysterious? without any rights? Hmmm…..there’s street photography (right) to show you what the country is like in somebody’s eyes.

Recently I’ve come across a blog about the streets of Shanghai, China. The author (Sue Anne) shoots photos of the city inside out and also blog about how she/the people think about the rapid development of the city and more.  She’s also an active participant of the area’s street photography movement. And even have held workshops with many other pros. I wish to attend similar type of free or not-too-expensive workshop one day anywhere.

Sunrise exercise on the Bund
(Image by Sue Anne Tay)

I had been to my mom’s hometown in China few months ago. I have seen part of the rural Southern China. Lots of good material to shoot with up there. I just did not have chance to shoot last time. It’s something I wish to accomplish in the near future.

The lifestyle of Mainland China is totally different from Hong Kong. I feel like many rural parts of China are isolated from the world. I might not be totally right. But certainly that’s how we picture how lives are in China.

A country that’s not under heavy influence of others have a special charm that foreigners including me would fascinate about. Whatever you see are genuine, original. Much like India, you know it’s India when you see pictures of the people and streets. Same token in China.

It just happened I was born in a city. I was never fascinated by the city life. Street A looks totally the same as Street B, and the entire block looks the same from another district, etc. You would know what I mean if you’ve been reading my blog posts.

A family of bakers of 'nan'
(Image by Sue Anne Tay)

She does travel to exotic countries once in a while. Above image was taken in Central Asia. It’s always good to observe and understand another culture. Through images is one way to see how a photo taker view the place.

Awashed in Chinese new year deco ....
(Image by Sue Anne Tay)

I have not read a word about her camera gear. So my big guess is that she’s not a gearhead like many of us, which is good (I hope I’m right – Sue Anne answered: Alan is right, I’m right!).

Umbrella II
(Image by Sue Anne Tay)

You can find her photo collection and stories in writing thru her blog and flickr below. I really do not care what level somebody’s photography is, if he/she succeed in showing the world what he/she sees with a unique flair. Then his/her photos are great and meaningful. There’s a lot to learn and know about in one’s image. Especially those that you look up to!

Their only job: Walling
(Image by Sue Anne Tay)

I always think that a powerful photo can communicate with viewers by itself. After reading Sue Anne’s blog posts, I understand what a compelling story should be like in writing. And essays can also reinforce and steer viewers to the direction she wants us to be at. And again, she doesn’t mention about her gear/technique/approach. It’s just you and her, looking at what she sees with detailed narration. Something I should learn too!

It’s my first post featuring another photographer with he/she’s photos on my blog!

(A special afterward thanks to Sue Anne for allowing her photos being featured on the post)

Find out more:
Flickr: S(u)e A(n)ne 

(Updated: 29th Jun, 2012)

2 thoughts on “Shanghai Streets by Sue Anne

  1. I noticed a traffic trail from this post, and wanted to say thanks for the kind words! You’re right, I’m not heavy on gear, I do study it online to make sure I’ve got my technicals right. The focus is on the content and stories! Shhanghai, like many Chinese cities, have a great deal to see though it is slowly being chipped away my mindless modernisation. Gems are everywhere and a bustling city is perfect for street photography. Shoot on!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Sue Anne. It’s good to see what’s coming ahead of another city. Your insightful content and real interactions with the locals fuels your knowledge and interpret with your own will. A great city documentary is how it’s done. Looking forward to seeing your future posts!

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