The Colorful Hong Kong: Collection (5-6/2012) – Part II


Sunglasses in the early evening

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With my zone focus set to 0.6-0.8m, there’s pros and cons.


The cons are:

  • It takes time for to refocus with another distance (even with AFL)
  • I can miss the focus especially with the sluggish Fuji focusing system and
  • Ultimately I lose the dexterity to shot with another distance.

Cool Headwear

The pros are: 

  • I can train myself to shoot with the preset distance,
  • I get consistent results I want, It reduces the shutter lag.


To tell you the truth, I really want to shoot with another focus distance. And I should take more control of it rather than letting the camera control me. To be more specific I want to say I’d been experiencing odd lock-ups (it tells me to turn off the camera, it happened before) and even irresponsive shutter on my X100. It’s not the problem of my shutter release for sure as it’s functioning. More like the firmware is not stable enough.. It got to a point today, I really wanted to ditch it. I missed shots because of it. Don’t be surprised to see me selling it anytime from now on!!!

U.S. flag as a scarf

I often feel so depressed and insecure by not bringing home cool shots. A flickr buddy told me that’s what candid photography is all about – you never know what you gonna get! And it’s fun!

Indonesian Costume

I totally forgot about the fun part of photography, more of dragging myself to nowhere.

Under an umbrella

There’re times I spent all day (an hour or two) walking and not getting any good shots. At a certain point before I head home, I told myself to bring my A-game out and do what I do. I felt like I’ve awakened my spirit. Despite all the camera failures today, I still managed to get a couple nice shots.

In the pocket

(I’ll research for an alternative of my X100. My choices are very limited with the given budget. A GXR with M mount is my best bet. A M-lens can be expensive…I won’t even think about a Leica..Is there a Voigtlander 28mm?)

Ice cream bar

It’s not that I won’t have a camera anyway..just want to see if I’d better off with another one.

Health inspectors discussion

Middle eastern lady


The look when the bus don't come

Arm around a traffic pole

Smoking pipe

That's how to free your arms


Busy men

Just that you know, a few shots here technically I missed it because of the delay in shutter response. It’s plaguing me not only today but even in the past. Reliability is a serious issue Fuji has to look into…

*I just did an experiment. I found out the shutter won’t respond when the eye sensor is triggering (going from LCD to OVF). I’m always that fast when taking a shot…I guess that at least tells me not to hit the shutter that fast like I’m with my GRD.

11 thoughts on “The Colorful Hong Kong: Collection (5-6/2012) – Part II

    1. i was waiting to spot a guy with a smoking pipe (not common) for months around Hong Kong. That guy passed by and I thankfully was able to get the shot.

      It’s hard to imagine what photos I’d come up on the rest of this year. Lol! you serious to buy as a print? maybe wait until one day I turn my collection into a photo book of some sort!!!

      thanks jarvis

  1. I’m actually considering X100 to replace my somewhat bulky DSLR. Reading your post above, cautious me a bit.

    I don’t think I will need the LCD since I can get most the setting from the physical dials, and that I prefer composing through OVF… so, my question is, is there a way (somewhere in the menu) to disable the eye sensor and only utilize the OVF? Will that help to speed-up the process?


    1. There’s a button (view mode) to disable the eye sensor on the camera, very accessible. I could turn off the eye sensor and have the display running as OVF. It’d bypass the current known issue i’m having (shutter clicking while going from LCD to OVF). Maybe the camera is not designed to operate like this, it could happen to other models but certainly affecting how to shoot comfortably…Will I be able to overcome this? Yes, I may certainly adjust the way I shoot.

      GM, I’m only giving out the problems I’ve encountered lately. If you ask me whether I still like the X100, the answer is still be yes. Only the OVF, rangefinder styling, lens, image quality would easy win over many other competitors out there. I was checking out the Leica X2, everyone says it’s an awesome camera..In terms of functionality, quality (the lens worths its price), and styling. But I noticed one thing that it doesn’t provide, the AFL/AEL or customizable buttons. It’s hard to imagine when I zone focus, how am I going to refocus to a distance by just one hit of a button? I’m quite fond of the back focus (AFL) button on the X100.

      1. I see… well, as long I can adjust how it works, or I can adjust to the camera quirks, it should be okay. Alright then, still saving for X100 :D…

        Thanks for the response, Alan :-). Cheers!

    1. thanks very much, Rudolf. These are some of the photos I tried to do it with a closer distance. And some I really got guts to do it with flash, face to face. I wish to explore and know how far I can get to with approach like this even without the flash ;P

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