15 Years Later…Just Like a Dream


My recent attend to a former classmate’s wedding had become our ultimate high school volleyball team reunion after so many years. It’s not that we did not want to see each other. It’s just that we all have our own priorities, and certainly not everyone can be available with just a flick of a finger.

We spent 3 years in the team training as if we were going to Olympics. Well…not the nation’s standard but the physical trainings were like an implant to our body. Looking back, our coach/teacher had done a fantastic job making effort to build our synergy and spirit. Despite all the limited resources in school (we did not have an official size volleyball court), it was more like a MMA cage for basketball. The school was originally just a house property, amazing how it got modified into a school…Anyways, we did what was impossible to make it possible.

I was so glad to meet our coach again after all those years. Though there’s some aging in him, he’s very much like before calling out our names like a real coach. And how about a dismiss with a team chant. Ironically I did think about him from time to time, i wanted to thank him for so long. He was our mentor. From sports, we learned about life and how it was made useful until today.

I guess one of the biggest surprises in this reunion was we all remember a fair amount of our ‘old days’. We all felt like strangers at first, but our brotherhoods are still in our hearts. We just clicked again after some food and beverages. It was a cosmic collision. Everybody had told their version, their parts, their roles, it really brought together the entire picture of how we were. Everyone gets only one and only teenage life, one and only high school memory. Memories brought us back our closeness. We were glad we can be still in the loop.

I wish I had attended an University locally. I may have another piece of fun memory that can be shared with another group of people. Not a lot of people would understand my college life abroad without experiencing it together, nobody gives a sh_t really.

Colors through black and white
Seeing familiar faces

Hope we all will see and cheer for each other again soon. That’s what we all needed in life!

5 thoughts on “15 Years Later…Just Like a Dream

  1. It’s really interesting how you the pictures are carefully woven into the stories. I thought the first picture represented the consciousness and the dream world with the rainbow (light – which is an energy) flowing through both. There are 2 pictures with reflections, both inside looking out and outside looking in, and of course a dreamcatcher too.

    If you went to a local university, I wonder if you would be photographer.

    1. Thanks Nocturnaltwins! That’s precisely what I tried to express. I hope other readers could also read that out. I also did a video clip with my phone. It’s full of fun memories and years from now if we look at it again. We would remember when we were still young.

      I don’t think I’d be a photographer if I did my university study here. Photography was never a huge part of me until these few years. I was never that thought-out even until now. Much of my life is in puzzle and I’m solving it alone.

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