Yours Faithfully


After meeting and hearing stories from Grandma Chan. I wished to explore the path she takes every morning. I never expected anything more than just a park. It was a mountain trail. She mentioned about how pretty the scenery was up there when trees weren’t that tall. Every step I took was a little memory of her’s, at least I felt like this way. I was caught by surprise that she is quite a hiker although her legs are not as strong as before.

I was only with my jeans and converse sneakers not even a bottle of water, the gear I had with me was only enough in town. Much like how I do in life, I rolled with it anyway without a clear objective. The longer I walked, the more I discovered. I discovered the dead end, entirely not what I intended. But along the way I met this uncle with bird cages, I clearly knew nothing about birds. I was curious enough play with them. He told me how playful this one was “she follows your move as you fiddle with your finger”.

Playing with Bird

After some adjustment in course, I’d gone back to where I started and hiked up the stairs. After more stairs up and go, I arrived at the pavilion Grandma Chan spoke about. Clearly all the trees were just too tall for a scenic spot. I wasn’t too content after all the time spent at that point. There’s no other way but to go back.

Alternative Route

I took an alternative path to go back and I came to a junction, where an off-road mountain path that could lead somewhere higher. Perhaps that’s the beauty in hiking, when finding a path that possibly leads to somewhere would keep your momentum going for a very long time. I kept my spirit up and went on.


I did find my way to the top and I wondered if Grandma Chan had been there when she was able to hike.


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