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I always find my way to appreciate things that I accidentally come across. I’d love to know about the background story, whether it’s historic reason or a personal story. This mindset mostly came from music during my early teenage. Ever since when I came across with Channel V, MTV, HMV, I was sold to all foreign music. The more I listened to, the more bands, artists and genres i discovered. As I get more mature, I’m willing to explore genres that used to not attuned to. My current music collection varies from jazz to heavy metal, but I still have Madonna’s and Jewel’s older albums. I can appreciate wines while coffee is also my thing because of how accessible they are. And without a surprise, I finally fell in love with Chinese tea recently. If I was never helping my friend on his startup tea company, I’d have never sampled tea and got me curious to discover for more. All these occurrences I took it as my fate. When I look back, it has to happen with no any other way.

It’s my belief that personal experience is the strongest hard earned reward, knowledge comes second. I’m all about exploring it on my own. Others would take up lessons, look for buddies, be friend with the experts (at some point seek advises from experts is inevitable). Others would think it’s a rather lonely path, I however think it’s an opportunity to find your inner self.

Tea can be just as technical as wine and coffee culture. Thanks to the surge of new wave tea culture in Taiwan. They made tea that’s as accessible as ordering a Latte. They believe the old fashioned tea ceremony way was overrated (very true), instead they modernized the entire presentation. I always love the execution part whether it’s old or new. I love their high attitude oolong green tea, the character is unlike anything from Mainland China. The ‘perfume’ releases simply extraordinary. It’s love, that’s what I call.

Rain Drop

Like a Normal Human

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Life is all about finding something for yourself to enjoy. You could fill up your holiday schedule with a list of things you passionate about, whether it’s your new or old hobbies, playing sports, visiting new places, revisiting old places you haven’t been for a very long time, learning new things, meeting up with friends or even better do the things previously mentioned with your lover… I truly believe the key is to keep yourself productive and active. Productive, meaning have your time spent as planned. Active, is my recent discovery that it keeps you sharp and confident.

I’d advise try to go out as much as possible. It applies to people with a shared home when you’ve little or no control over it, especially in a cramped apartment to most people in Hong Kong. Our city is more than just windows, walls and ceilings. Now when I think of it, I can’t recall my last morning respiratory allergy!

During this long Easter weekend, my schedule was reasonably occupied. All these activities began early and lasted a whole day. It was the most productive holiday weekend I’ve ever had since a kid.

I winded down my day with a iced mocha, in the pedestrian and dogs friendly Sai Kung neighborhood. Their vehicle/franchise-free market streets are filled with local boutiques, restaurants and cafes. The waterfront nearby is where people can actually do things like a normal human. Some played with their/others pets, some played with kites, some couples did selfies, some kids had fun just to run around. All these combination reminds us this is the one and only Sai Kung.

Mixed and Match Converse
Unapproachable flowers
Doll Face
Coldest Day
Heart-shaped Leaf

What If

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What if I was smarter and wiser?
What if I did not suck in exams?
What if I hadn’t study abroad?
What if the international friends I made had all become locals?
What if I picked another major?

All these wonders came out of nowhere when I visited the Hong Kong University (HKU). To return to a university campus, it feels like a place I’m familiar with and yet so distant. Everyone passes by my shoulders could be someone special knowing how much they’d been through with all the public exams. I do hold plenty of respect for the local graduates. They’ve accomplished 1/3 of their lives unless they pursuit for higher research degrees. The other 2/3 would be their career and marriage/family.

It all sounded so formulated but it’s true, look around.

It’s such an odd feeling now when I think of it. When I used to be in the campus where I studied, I just didn’t seem to know anyone. The whole place just all felt so temporary, almost as if I did not belong there. Looking back all those years where I lived, where I hung out, where I’d travel, all the people, things had all became just memory. It existed but unreachable again to me.

I have brought nothing back but only by my memory.

I wondered what if I met another group of university schoolmates like in high school. Would I be connecting with them in town, instead of where my university schoolmates are locating internationally? I do not know.

As many have said ‘live for the moment’, who cares what the past is like while we’re in present tense.

Feeling the nature
The University
Open Air Canteen
Main Building