Second Chance


Sometimes I just do not get why viewers have common interest on certain photos. Some that I believe they’re great and turn out to be just average ones; some that I believe that are so-so, turned out to be the unique ones. I still never thought I’d ever misjudged my photograph selections. I stand really firm on what I’ve picked and I never look back again.

It just happened I’m slightly bit preoccupied by my life happenings. I left my camera in my bag and hardly ever take it out. I should really spend more time to at least hang out with my camera even without getting any, it’s the least I could do. Anyhow, I shot so few these days I barely notice I had any photographs. I have gone back to my archive and have another look at some photographs that were either disqualified for my previous posts or simply not fitting very well on the theme or essay. I picked out a few and reprocessed them. Do you think they’re worthy for another chance? Two of which actually came from this week.
Turf Maintainence
Shop Keepers
Ice Breaker
Chillout know-how

6 thoughts on “Second Chance

    1. Haven’t thought of that! I actually was sort of referring to my mind and time schedule. I didn’t mention about it though. I want to be a bit more productive.

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