On and Done


It came to me that the heat and laziness (the most part) are setting more road blocks to my photography. I get reasonably tanned from my 20 mins jog after lunch. At least I’m still jogging to stay healthier really. And then there’s the World Cup Brazil 2014 going on, I like cheering on the teams I support in front of my TV on mid-nights. But then the TV network (the one and only free one) broadcasts only 22 games out of 64. A worldwide sports event, not so for the poorer crowd here. That all sums up to fewer and fewer of workable images also raised my concern since my last couple of weeks (posts) already. It’s a major set back, but I still think that it’s a very good experience to actually deal with something I will encounter down the road.

I’m human after all, I just want to live my life easier during this hot summer. To casually slip out a phone out of a pocket, camera app with no-brainer auto mode, a few touches and swipes, it’s on and done. The rest is history. Knowing with heart and patience, every photographs counts no matter how it’s shot with, what it’s shot with. I’m still living my life, experiencing in the city; only in a slightly different way.

Soccer Babies
Old Block
Kiss her
Vending Machine
Soccer practice

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