A tiny compact zoom camera (not typical of me) snapping beside of many unknown strangers (for a little while, they thought I was a curious pedestrian).


It was a bit out of the blue when I got asked to perform a behind-the-scene photoshoot in a video shoot. It’s random not because of how little (but enough) I know about this person, it’s because I did not ever expect anyone would come to me for non-business related help. Maybe it’s career-related, but you get it. As I arrived at the meeting point, I did not expect there’d be that many personnels involved when I arrived at the meeting location.

The Actress

The nature of behind-the-scene is just my game. I’d always wanted to photo-document the unseen, behind the curtain, out of the spotlight.

I understood I would not be there if I weren’t asked to be in it. I treated it an experience of my life. I met the director, filming crew, actresses, makeup artist, coordinators and even the executive producer flew from Southeast Asia. It was all so magical even now when I look back. A director that was so vocal giving out direction to his crew like a coach/chief detective. There was the makeup artist busy handing out a portable electric fans for the actresses in between each scene. At one point we had 20 people on a set. There were 2-3 SUVs carrying all of us around in the district, though I only rode twice together.

Tangled wires


6 months of my re-newed life has passed, I see myself have been able to read, able to realize what’s a good place to read, able to read the topics I’m into. It’s my transition from hiking through the mountains to reading through the passages. Unfortunately, that would not allow me to create any photographic content for you all. Worry not, photographer can always find ways to visualize moments in  broken pieces and put them back together.

Yours Faithfully


After meeting and hearing stories from Grandma Chan. I wished to explore the path she takes every morning. I never expected anything more than just a park. It was a mountain trail. She mentioned about how pretty the scenery was up there when trees weren’t that tall. Every step I took was a little memory of her’s, at least I felt like this way. I was caught by surprise that she is quite a hiker although her legs are not as strong as before.

I was only with my jeans and converse sneakers not even a bottle of water, the gear I had with me was only enough in town. Much like how I do in life, I rolled with it anyway without a clear objective. The longer I walked, the more I discovered. I discovered the dead end, entirely not what I intended. But along the way I met this uncle with bird cages, I clearly knew nothing about birds. I was curious enough play with them. He told me how playful this one was “she follows your move as you fiddle with your finger”.

Playing with Bird

After some adjustment in course, I’d gone back to where I started and hiked up the stairs. After more stairs up and go, I arrived at the pavilion Grandma Chan spoke about. Clearly all the trees were just too tall for a scenic spot. I wasn’t too content after all the time spent at that point. There’s no other way but to go back.

Alternative Route

I took an alternative path to go back and I came to a junction, where an off-road mountain path that could lead somewhere higher. Perhaps that’s the beauty in hiking, when finding a path that possibly leads to somewhere would keep your momentum going for a very long time. I kept my spirit up and went on.


I did find my way to the top and I wondered if Grandma Chan had been there when she was able to hike.


Bounce to the Future


I’ve always consider myself somewhat athletic. Though I’m not one of those guys with a muscular build who pump iron the whole time, I had involved in various sports teams, training camps, competitions all my school years.

During my college years in the U.S., going to the gym was considered one of the key entertainments. You get to see people, that could be your classmates, teaching assistants, to-be NBA players, or just other familiar faces. While I was in university, the Rec Center (school gym) was literally just behind the apartment i used to lived in. It had an indoor pool, multi-function courts, dance room, boxing room and more. I had no excuse not to train up my body even outside was covered with ice and snow.

The Guavapass team getting ready
Special Grip Socks

It eventually had turned into a habit more than a commitment to the body. Ever since after my graduation, I’d been missing the time spent in a gym. Exercise do make human feel good, a physiological effect as the scientists say. Given that, I’ve not skipped my basic core workouts since then. Still, it’s nothing i could compare to a gym.

I’ve recently visited the Asia’s first rebounding fitness studio ‘Bouncelimit‘. This cool workout place reminds me of a futuristic spacecraft. And in fact, it does feel a lot like floating in mid air if you step near the windows. Their trampoline workouts can burn at least half more calories than traditional workouts. To ordinary people like me, it just adds fun to the equation. I guess that’s why we love bouncing on our beds so much!

Ready to Bounce
Warming Up
Lean and Stretch

You may think workouts like these would mainly focus on your lower body, in fact combining with the TRX system it also helps strengthen the mid to upper body and even cardio; making it a full body workout.
Guiding through the routinePull and Hold

I spoke with the Bouncelimit Master Trainer Dicky. He has been active in sports ever since he was a kid. Rugby, soccer, basketball, windsurfing, wall climbing, he plays it all. I was lucky enough I’m not too noobish to get into the details during the conversation with him.

Their genuine equipments are there to provide maximum safety to the students.
Students must understand everything has to start basic slowly and surely. Then progress when it reaches the level.

It’s a common misconception that workouts that look simple are not as easy as you think when do it properly. You can’t skip intermediate to advance when you’re just entry-level.

You can workout alone and you should for health sake. You don’t need a buddy to hit the gym together with.

Crossfit was like a trend. It has its upside and downside. Upside being, you can be super fit in shorter amount of time. Downside is, it can wear people out if not injuring. That’s why these days pilates, yoga, and other types have its steady fans.

Advance classes are exhausting. Each instructor would train 3 sessions per day to make sure they also have enough rest.

Some students are becoming more in shape. He’s glad to see the desired progress on them.

It’s a wish for him see more innovative workout spots such as the Bouncelimit in Hong Kong. The rent is always the problem. Just like his favorite paintball game, the owners of these venues aren’t able to afford the rent. They’re disappearing..

Stretch and Coordination

Special thanks to Antonia @ GuavaPass for giving me the access!

GuavaPass gives members access to a community of fitness studios and healthy-living experts. Locations are not limited to Hong Kong only, also in Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Shanghai, Melbourne and Sydney.  
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The Team Bounce

Bouncelimit is one of the fitness studio partners of GuavaPass, locates in Sheung Wan.
Bouncelimit – Official Web

Instructors - Dicky & DanielMaster Trainer Dicky and Daniel.