Make it a memorable one, we have heard it over and over again. Not that we do not want to, it’s often we missed the basic element an memorable experience. Things like how we treat our company when we have it. How we treasure every bit of time spend together with family over weekends. We all have busy schedule. It’s the time we give in out of our busy schedule that makes the entire week special. We just can’t compare your memorable moments one by one, there’s just not a unit to measure them.

I found it fully complying to my experience with photography in the recent days. On a special day that I wish to make photos, I could get myself into work. A few easy clicks I get a few that I like. On an ordinary day when I’m sort of tired for the day, I get the most out of my half hour at night. I found them to be memorable as those represented my feelings. I usually feel for them.

In groups
Hong Kong Skyline
On their own
Fallen Balloon
The pairs
Above all

I felt for the loss of Mr. Paul Walker. I enjoyed every bit of acting he’d done for the movie biz. I was a long time fan of the Fast and Furious franchise since the first installment which when I began college. May him rest in peace or as someone said, race in paradise.

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