Without the Title


The unasked portraits of some unknown person is often perceived as a kind of street photography. I believe it’s how some people are pursuing right now. I’d just skip the in your face flashgun part. That’s not my cup of tea which I’ve tried before. It’s a way how the photographers’ work their photos. They find satisfaction with it, I give them respect of their work.  Many started to question what exactly is street photography. Everyone has their way to define it, I’d think of it as a journey of a person (us) observe/record what they enjoy. The pieces of life around us. Curators often call ‘this is how the XYZ photographer sees the city of ZXY.”

Street photography is a mixed martial art genre. It has a little bit of everything, portraiture, landscape, travel, abstract, candid and even close-up micro photography can be seen done by street photographers. The word ‘street’ is just a chic decor to the ordinary photographer’s title, or I prefer saying how versatile of some (good) photographers can be.

I continue to shoot with what catches my eye, grinding through all the city streets and narrow lanes. Title is never a thing for me. I never label myself as such and such. After all I’m just a human being with a life. I let my life tells my story in my photography. It’s honest. Unlike traveling away to just hoping for a few good shots purely for photography purposes.

Photographing in-between my day-to-day activities with my phone is the least I could do when I’m away from my gear. The best bit won’t go to waste. There’s also beauty without human being as the predominant subject. Knowing the limit of my phone, I focus on what else worth remembering instead. It’s beyond fun.

It changes all
a hole new world
Lone Tree
The Philipines music band
The audience

7 thoughts on “Without the Title

  1. Awesome! One of my favourite posts that you have done in the sense that I love the first three photos and there are no people in them! I usually prefer your portraiture, but the first three photos I find very striking, and a great choice to present them in monochrome!
    Hope you are well! 🙂

    1. Yes, there’s too much emphasis on the human presence. There’s just too much photographing of strangers. I intend to bring to my and anyone’s attention that there’s more than just faces of strangers out there. We’re who to define our photography, not by somebody. Hope my readers get my message. Thanks Lemonade.

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