The Painkiller

I have never imagine I’d have such regret ever when messing up with a roll of film. While I’d like to put all the blame on the OEM LCA hand strap, it’s what caused an accident like this causing the camera free fall from hip level. Nonetheless, camera did not break and all fine now i believe, but the consequence was unimaginable. The entire roll came back and only 8 frames were there, the rest were blank. Somehow the film detached in the compartment, I did not make sure if film was advancing at all. I kept shooting like a digital. Lesson learned with a heavy price paid.

Now all I wish I could do is to catch up with all my available time. I’m trying just a bit too hard. I could totally see myself in desperation. A great way to force myself to go out, an unhealthy way to produce my work.

A couple mobile images here to illustrate and remind us all how easy digital can be from start to finish. Having a handful of images produced is like a painkiller to my tension built up in the city.
Laterns & Rabbits
Skyscrapers and People
Cloud Above
Candle flame

Chef’s Passion & Love

In early September, I was helping at the Restaurant & Bar Trade Exhibition for the company I worked for. There’s so much to work for and so little to see as a staff, no surprise. Yet, from my trip to the restroom I saw something that made my eyes sparkled on the first day. That is the culinary competition for the Young Talent Trophy. The host Disciples Escoffier had a dedicated area with stage, open kitchens, judges’ panel and seating area. The first time came to my mind was the Japanese culinary challenge broadcasted on TV – the Iron Chef. I just love that show and had gone through two periods of my life, childhood and college. It brings me back so deep I just indulged into the entire environment. Chefs prepared food without the sous, all done within an hour with selected classic French dishes/ingredients. These are professionals and likely without any fame just yet in their early career. They were incredibly focused. Then there’s the catch.

There’s the female chef representing South Korea in one corner. In Asia, Korean is the trend setter. I’m no exception but to check out what she’s up to. Honestly, if that was just a young chef from Hong Kong, I might not stop and look at all. It was my first time seeing live cooking by a female chef. She’s in her own world making food, reminds me of the athletes. I was there for just a minute and i got that impression already on the first day.

The Exhibition lasts for 3 days and I was there all the way. I did not even remember what I’d done on the second day, it’s just crowded and nothing extraordinary. The third day, just when I was done for the day; I stood in as a spectator. It’s all due to the Macao representative. He’s enthusiastic looking and crunching through the last few minutes for the course. That’s the time I decided to capture a few of those moments to remember. There were some other chef candidates from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and the mentioned Macao and South Korea. They all enjoyed cooking a lot, and had shown professionalism.

The last day I squeezed out a little of my lunch break for these incredible cooking, panel tasting action. I just could not witness the later trophy presentation ceremony for the winners and runner-ups. All I heard was the South Korean lady won, her name is Kim Eunbi. Not bad, not bad at all. I’m so happy at the same time jealous that they’ve picked their profession so early on. Everyone has their own path to take, right?

Chef's Presentation
Prep and Cook
FInal Touch
To the judges
The Escoffier International Judges/Presidents
The Magic Moment

Path to the Same End

The first two rolls came back with prints. I was fussy on how I mounted my first roll as it turned out half roll was leaked. Good thing is my second roll turned out fine, without leak. It’s a part of the learning process, now I learned how to properly mount film to my LC-A+.

What about the photos? As it turned out, the images came out alright.
Something exceeding my expectation? Yes and No. Yes, is for the entire shooting experience. It’s no doubt very fun and feel professional. No, is for the lack of control on exposure.

I’m unsure about if it’s this particular model LC-A+ that makes it influence my entire impression on film, but it sure plays a dominate part of it. The backlight/silhouette setting is harsh for an auto light meter to decide. This adds up to the lab machine + operator to guess what I really want, savage when it’s possible. I would most likely prefer a bit more control than rather have someone to have something/one to decide my fate. Factor out the uncontrollable part, I still believe it’s a good choice to get into film with a camera as simple as this. I’m still in charge for the subjects and compositions.

The ‘You’ll never know what you gonna get’ part I previously mentioned still stands. The type of film is actually what’s behind it mostly, colors work a lot differently in analogue. The unexpected results come from the varied lighting, mix of ambient lighting. While the images from the fine sunny day is everything expected. My image selection remains, just less than handful were selected as the best batch.
View from the top
View from the bottom
Long banner to move
Carved Elephants
Dead Pig
The Southeastern Taekwondo
Jimmy Lai + Martin Lee
Fountain Play
Palm Printing
Claudia Mo + Gary Fan
The Gang of Occupy Central
It’s wrong when think about leaving behind the processing job. I get the scanned images from CDs. The transition from analogue to digital begins from there. I still do little adjustment on the shadow band and even exposure. Fine tuning is still needed for the online purposes. I did not expect that coming really.

As for the prints, for some reason I seem not to care about it. I only use it for viewing. Not sure if it’s the glossy paper, I’ll see if I could get the matte paper without extra charge. I do not have a lot of emotional attachment to the actual prints yet, I’ll as time will tell. It’s not my trip to an exotic place, not a new experience for me. I actually find that the Instax film makes more sense in filing and appreciating. I know the white border plays its role in the viewing experience, it has that polaroid vibe to it.

I dare to say I overreacted with just my first successful roll of film without frigging up. I’m only new to a method of getting my images. The end of a day, I still get what I wish to record regardless of method and gear I accompany with. Anything groundbreaking? If I could cook a decent plate of pasta out of a single rice cooker from boiling to sautéing and  then serve it up to someone, does it really matter how it’s cooked? As long as it’s done in a kitchen not a factory, who cares.. Yep. I had done it when the gas stove was out of order! That cooking experience is what I could remember for a very long time. More like fulfilling an experience versus finishing a job. Analogue and Digital, they both to the same path. Considering my habit of shooting digital, my results are not groundbreaking; Nothing more, nothing less. Effort should still be spent on seeing and capturing. I admit I was too excited on new companion LC-A+ and the way of analogue photography. Again, it’d probably the experience I may remember when I look back in the coming days.


The portrait of two men are Jimmy Lai the CEO of Next Media and Martin Lee, one of the former founders of the original Democratic Party. The other portrait with a lady and gentleman dressed in yellow are two of the active politicians representing the Pan-Democrat. They were at the Peak for a campaign organized by the Occupy Central with Love and Peace. You may google on Occupy Central if you have absolute no idea what most of the politicians are fighting for these days in dealing with China – the prospect of popular vote in Hong Kong.

The Bittersweet Chocolate

Just finished up my first roll of film today and loaded up with a cheaper color negative. I’ll have them developed and results would come later this week. All in all, almost done with 2 rolls, I’m beyond skeptical on the auto light meter. For sure, It does not run on a program like the digital. I reckon it’s the primitive way since the LC-A+ design originated from the Russian old tech. Choosing between shadow and highlight, there’s really not a lot of control over it. I do not even know half holding the shutter can select the shutter speed I want to go with. All I know I could hang on to is just – faith.

My past week had gone through some intense analogue photography research on the internet. It’s not entirely new to me but I found out there’re tons that I do not know about. Interesting enough I see more than just photography. I see unity, I see passion, I see a vision that nothing like before I stepped into the analogue game; namely the Lomography society. They facilitate a resourceful platform for anyone who wish to find out more in a friendly manner. Not by throwing you photographs that taken by the masters, professionals; but just anyone who’s passionate enough to share their lives with others. Some photographs featured can be average, amateur; what I’m more aware is their attitude – the love for photography.

All the broken moments got stitched together in a roll of film, nothing can get better than that. Understanding the limitations I have with me keep me thinking. I make my journey for the day. And I continue for another. Imagine life is not like a box of chocolate, where’s all the fun when everything is so predictable?
Heavenly Earth
The World to Discoer

36 Exposures

Years after years, it’s only a few short years I got involved more into photography. I feel sick to see all the more-or-less-the-same cameras out in the market. To be rational, there’re differences in terms of image processors, lens, mechanisms. But as it winds down, image is what photographers’ after. I can say the image quality is superb with all the compact mirrorless out there, but NONE of them have their own personality. It’s one reason I’d not been actively shooting with the X2, and only been fumbling with the GRD and phone; for family portraits as well as some odd company events on more than one occasions. I do not know about how others feel but results were simply what I loved about. I wish to have them printed out for the family I photographed for.

The essence of photography is ever-evolving, each of us have our own interpretation in the ways doing it. Nothing can be terribly wrong, nothing can be terribly right. I thought I’d continue to only run up to people for portrait type of unasked photography a year ago. Until last year I got pickier and specific on what I wish my photographs to be. The harder I try, not necessarily the better images I’d get in return. My limited experience guides me when the opportunity appears, I’d chase after it.

Maybe it’s the physical print that makes it tangible, maybe it’s the little wait that worth waiting, maybe it’s the absolute uncertainty, or maybe I just haven’t get my hands on it yet. Last time I remember I shoot film was my Freshman year in college, 13 years ago. It was an Olympus auto compact, a Chinese New Year gift given by my late uncle. Developing those film would take me a 15min ride to a Wal-Mart out of town. I did not feel it as a hassle and sharing moments with friends from the prints was priceless. It was even an excuse to go out of town with friends.

Digital is excellent for those who wish to take control of your own fate on every step you take which I still believe in. Technology may aid photographers in many ways technically speaking. On the other hand analogue strips away all the distraction away from you such as the LCD, auto sleep, auto off. It’s how I use my X2 with just the finder, shutter speed, aperture, focus wheel and the shutter release. I really thought that was the answer to go as close to analogue as I could with a digital. It’s not until I played with an Instax camera that pops instant film, although I thought it’s too automatic’ish and only one type of film is available. The size is all limited. Not much of detail to speak of. Since then I deliberately wanted an analogue camera. And honestly I slowed down my photography just to reflect my inner self what exactly I’m after. After months of mobile photography, I figured it’s the way to go. It may not be as ready as a conventional camera but it sure enters my life a lot easier. It’s what has been missing the whole time.

I’d put analogue as the uncharted territory to me. I wished to take a leap onto this community by experiencing it myself. I always believe in ‘learn by doing’. The concern I have is really just the camera, how would I not get a defected one? How would I not get ripped off on the used market. I wouldn’t know what to test on, camera flaws that can’t be updated with a firmware file. Then suddenly Lomography came to my mind, I was skeptical knowing they only make toy cams. I thought I was out of my mind too. Then later I realized they do not label their cameras as toy cam. They call those as analogue. That was the time I learned about the long-lived Lomo LC-A.

It’s full frame, feels solid in hand, compact, light, and best of all it’s brand new. Controls are so minimal with just a zone focus lever that covers 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m and ∞.  What more I love about is, it won’t shut down from idling like all digital, making it always ready (I felt like a relieve). The only complain is the red LEDs (that act as indication) sparks up thru both side of the viewfinder whenever the shutter hits. I loaded it with a roll of just expired Fuji Natura 1600. And I have no idea what the results would be until I finished the roll, which may take a month possibly.

Has anything changed? Not really, I think I was long ready for it.
Dripping water
Ghostly Smile
Neon Face
Ghostly Bus stop
Haunting model
Shadowy window

In the Wheel

To a place that’s so familiar with, walk by daily, can be a tough job to use as the photographic material. Even to a point reminds me of a rat running the wheel.

It does sound dreadful when think of a person’s excitement level is always bouncing between the bottom and middle, to bounce up to the top or to be extremely happy and satisfied would require anything out of ordinary. Experiencing new things would keep life interesting. Experience more, see more can at least guarantee to carry out new insights in life. That’s when the interesting images come in.

The summer heat hasn’t been easy on just about anyone. A simple walk around the town has become a simple pass by the mall, for the generous air conditioning. Just like what others would do, people tend to stay indoor and spend their off time comfortably. However, seeing a similar group of people performing the same activities do not necessarily imply to the entire population. Plenty of outgoing folks prefer staying outdoor visiting the nature. Meanwhile I question myself quite a few times already: how on earth did I complete my last project almost the same time last year? It’s a little test of my perseverance, just like going for an adventure only without any danger. And from that I understood everyone has their own way of defining their good times, much like the flip side of a coin. As the heat becomes less intense eventually, I long to see the nature part of Hong Kong again.

Comic WallBeanCosplayersAstro Boys
Hard Workers
The Drum Dance
The Flying Lady for Love

East Meets West

Last week, I was walking my usual path to the park after lunch. I saw a person stretching from distance on a sunny day and I was immediately intrigued by his pose. I thought I should really check it out. This nice gentleman Chris, who travels around the world and he’s currently living in Hong Kong. We started chatting as he also enjoy photography, and he practices martial art. He’s amazed by how small Hong Kong is. I explained size does not matter, it’s got everything. Just look at our neighbor Macao.

Hong Kong is fortunate enough to have a decent mix of foreign population. Recalling how I used to worry about how the foreigners would think about Hong Kong after the Handover, would at least half of the Westerners go back to their homes? It was really never the case as long as the foreign firms invite them to work here and there’s social gathering spots/activities. It’s essential based on my previous experience in the US, as long as you’re not in any crisis such as running out of job or bored to death; given the circumstances one could live away from home for many years.

There was an article on the South China Morning Post I read last week, reported on the life of a few working holiday visa holders in Hong Kong. We, the locals often think about working visas to places like Europe, Australia…It’s interesting to hear Hong Kong as one of those working visa locations on the flip side. And just by reading the article, clearly the Koreans and French enjoy their lives here because of the modern metropolitan image contrasts with the Chinese tradition (more on the Cantonese tradition though I believe) and the size of their native community here.

Seeing how adaptive others are, it made me realize how many of us complain more than adapt. Being the locals, if we can’t even adapt how do we speak of survival? Jump out of our little greenhouses and start making a difference.

The Martial Art Adventurer
Neon Glasses
East meets West
Chinese woman
Thru the Gate