Gravitational Dream


All the people in life tells you to dream. When you’re young, they tell you to dream big and follow your path. When you become an adult, dream does not necessarily come to you and you start to take up responsibility. Maybe your dream is too big, or maybe it’s such a little dream that’s to build a family and own your own property. Some people succeed in their ‘goal’. Whatever the case might be, never stop dreaming until your last breath. Dream is vague, dream is beautiful, dream is really a force, a gravity that keeps you moving forward. It’s always there but you don’t ever need to think about it. It does not matter if your dream would ever come true. The truth is, it’s only a destination, you may end up to another which you’d be happy and satisfied about.

The media in Hong Kong loves asking if you’re living happily and come up with an index that displays how likely you’re with the norm. It’s so unfortunate that everything these days have to tie to money and political motives. I think the next biggest ‘unrealistic‘ question to all of us is: Can we live happily with what you already have? One may suggest no one ever earns enough in this globalized, consumeristic society. There’s always the need to catch up the deficit when someone is ahead of you in life. The fact is there’s always someone ahead of you. I often get called the laid back type of person. It’s not that I do not care or lazy, I may just have my attention somewhere else. The more you appreciate your existence and learn to satisfy what you have, the more you could take away that unwanted competitive mindset. That is, when it’s unwanted.

I’m who I’m, a type of personality grew up in a common environment where many have encountered. The differences are our family background, buddies, education, teachers, mentors, media, life experiences from childhood to early adulthood that make up what we are. Can we all somewhat live equally happy?

One after another