Camera accessories shopping: Gordy’s Wrist Strap & Vacuum Saver Dry Box

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My first stop was to a leather gear specialty shop in Kau U Fong, Central. They carry lots of camera straps made by leather which I thought it’d have rip off price (at first). Later I found out on the web that they carry a decent looking Gordy’s straps made in the USA and the price is until $200, just $170 HKD. I waited long enough from last Saturday night and finally to be able to take my first visit. It’s a shop off the ground level of the street. It’s very easy to be found.

They carry quite a few popular straps maker such as Gordy, and also their own in-house brand Barton 1972. Their design is as good as it gets. Very trendy and unique, makes you really want to appreciate the handmade touch on the strap. They offer overseas shipping too!!

Check out their online web + store: 

I guess my lap turned out to be the best contrasting background to show the Gordy’s wrist strap i got. The strap is still very rigid,..i guess it’ll takes some time to break in. Hopefully it’ll get softer and softer, i really want it to be able to bend. The camera strap eyelet, strap clip and the strap is making it very awkward when holding.
Thanks to the thumb grip, i’m still able to hold the X100 in my hand steadily 🙂 Once again, I really hope this strap will break in and soften a bit. Or i’ll be looking for another type of wrist strap. Finger crossed.

My last stop was to get a dry box and silica gel. There weren’t a lot of options for me to choose from. I’m looking at storing my Ricoh and Fuji. That’s about it. Although the one I got it’s pretty big, It’s got good features such as the vacuum pump and a nice looking lid. It’s made in Korea and received an 05′ reddot design award. Looks sturdy. Hope this will last.

Steep adjusting curve for a X100 convert

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Switching from a miniature-like DSLR Lumix G3 is much bigger than i thought. I’m still working it out with the focusing, the camera does have a little bit of too long of focus measurement mechanism for a camera in the 21st century. I’ll further test some more to choose the WB other than Auto, using OVF to tackle the slightly slow focus mechanism. I’ll deploy the well known AFL technique and set the focus to a certain distance. I believe practice gives me more idea how this camera work, rather than seeing how people rant about the unique operation or what they call it an issue. I don’t feel it this way.

I’m still learning how the exposure works on the X100. The neutral 0 compensation seems to be a little overexposed during the day with bright sunlight. I’m guessing it’s the bright sunlight, not the camera. I’ll turn the ND filter on to see if it’d improve, i’m sure it’d just had not done it yet.

Using the X100 makes me a totally different feel. It’s more like shooting photos, using the correct setting to get the shot. It requires a little thought on how i want to work it out before the shot. Rather than just changing the ISO which I usually just do on my Ricoh GRD (it’s a good habit to check it on the street though, to know what shutter speed I’m getting keeping me ready for any moment). That’s why I love my Ricoh so much. Everything can be adjusted with one hand, it’s light and unassuming. It’s a camera I’d bring daily no matter what.

Back to my X100. The parallax is more apparent than I’ve thought. Today I saw many shots were slightly off. The neck strap had been somewhat making me uncomfortable when not wearing. Especially i don’t like camera on my chest, it catches too much attention. Perhaps using a neck strap is a bad idea then, save it for my travel trips?! I’ll just look for a wrist strap whenever i see any in good price and right look. The Hakuba tripod mount wrist strap had been my favorite, i just wouldn’t use any other type for my Ricoh GRD. I’ll try to find some in Mong Kok tomorrow. Good Luck!