New Year Wishes


What're your wishes?

“Kung Hei Fat Choi”

Ping Pong
Plenty of life happenings as I traveled through the public space of a nearby public estate. I do not get to see a lot of these in my neighborhood. I did greet them with interest, they were absolutely generous to say hello. I thought these were some good documentation of life in a public estate which not a lot of people would see.

Sharing a table with the youngsters

Besides seeing all the red banners/leaflets, red pockets, tangerines, flowers around town, what we Chinese wish to get are good health, security, fortune and prosperity. With that being said, we often visit temples and hope god would make everyone’s wishes come true. It’s a tradition that we all do once in a while.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Keen worshippers

Worshippers flocked to a few well-known temples in town. Here we have the Wong Tai Sin Temple.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

The wish sticks


Forget about the fortune cookies, it’s only available in the Western world 😉 When we want fortune, we visit temples.


Got any wishes?

Photos taken with X100 (March 2012)
I had been reviewing photos taken in the past few months. I do that once in a while to re-align myself. This time I even took one step further to see what photos I had taken when I bought myself the X100. This is what comes up which fits the theme and all. I actual visited this temple twice last year. Once with the X100 and once with the GRD. The GRD has got too much depth of field. When it multiplied with the 28mm focal, photos turned out so messy and crowded. I guess it’s a clear choice why I’m still sticking with a 35mm camera.