Thumbs Up thumb grip for X100


Rangefinder’s modern re-defined legendary is just getting started from the year 2011 to this day. Apart from the Leica rangefinders that never goes out of fashion. Fujifilm was one of the Japanese manufacturers that started the retro-looking modern technology rangefinder camera (yes, I’m braggin’ about the X100). Olympus has remade the OM-D, coming soon this year. They tend to have a boxy metallic body and lacking of some plastic grip. At least it is for most Leica rangefinders and the X100.

Thumbs Up stepped up and started producing the thumb grip to increase the stability in your hand whether you’re shooting or not.  The tiny piece of metal costs USD $100. Smart for them to dominate the market like that, as most rangefinders users are willing to spend. For me, I just want it to do the job – get a better hand grip when just holding it around. Some says it increases their stability when shooting. It’s not affecting much on me though.

The Thumbs Up grip model number is EP-5S, fits very well on X100.  It has plastic bits to cushion between the thumb rest and the camera body. I love how the camera holds in my hand now. Despite of the steep price, it’ll last forever and an investing worth spending if you love your camera.

I bought mine in Sim City Shopping Arcade (旺角星際城巿). It’s my first time being there. It’s a camera fan paradise. Three floors filled with camera shops whether it’s brand new or used. You’ll probably find you need there.

P.S. A little word about the first photo i shot. I did it with my Ricoh GRD and a LED pen-size flashlight over 8 seconds shutter to produce the spotlight effect. I learned it from a portrait photographer on the Digital Rev’s Cheap Camera Pro Photographer series. Damn it’s not bad. LOL.