Trial & Error


Everything has to go through that ‘trial and error’ stage in order to make it to work. Changes do not guarantees successes, I believe it’s a way to get another good look of myself. Situation-wise it could be difficult at the beginning, things would brighten up when time comes. There’re many aspects in photography I try every now and then, not every venture turns into something productive. Based on the core, I build upon it.

Ups and downs keep occurring as we progress, knowing how to suppress that feeling determines how competent someone could be. That implies not only in photography but to daily life as well. It’s true that I sometimes use my photography as a therapy to counter the depressed side of me.  Like it or not, life is not always a wide, bright avenue for everyone. Ones know how to deal with it always win.

I’m still attached to the photography done at night. It almost made me forget about what’s happening during the day. I had some relaxing shoots last weekend. Weather is calming down with the soothing ocean breeze. I just love it. It makes me excited for the coming days. The holiday seasons is just around the corner, all the beautiful decorative will be putting out soon. I’ll be seeing lots of love in the city, showing affections to each other.

The Golden Companion

Pet Care

One country two flags

The winning trophy


Old Hong Kong keeps getting older

Intensive workers

The old fashioned shoes shop


Fortune cat working its magic

Hello Kittyland

By the harbor with two ladies

Seated their way

The two

Intensive work requires Intensive rest