You ever wonder who’d be refusing to travel to a destination the second time where you know you’d be enjoying? It’s most probably because I’m in between old and new job, and it’s me wishes to cut down my expenses (clearly not working out with my shopping habit, even more so with the year-end discount). My sister eagerness had dragged me into the trip. I was not even in the mood for the trip planning. It’s a coincident in which my last minute picked motel was located a very convenient location to go anywhere we wanted. That had really set up great for a trip without a concrete to-go attractions.

Mountain Lane

I’d be lying I had not planned. I had the major attractions in mind but for the particular shops and restaurants, we had no clue until we decided let’s just explore an area on the map. ‘Life is like a box of chocolate, you’d never know what you gonna get.’ Forrest Gump said in the movie. And it’s making perfect sense as I explore during the travel.

Tea House

I had been a tea lover since early last year. And to some extent, I’m particularly into the tea planted in Taiwan. It’s so exhilarating when I hear them introduce their teas for the season like a piece of art. The way they speak and the words they use had taught me a great deal what appreciation is all about. We all look up to that lifestyle.

Jiu Fen


As the flight enters the ‘Formosa’ from high above, the green fields on the island patched up like the last season’s patchwork fashion. They have the luxury to respect their land in the old fashion way still. They can grow and supply in some way; in contrary Hong Kong can only grow steel and concrete to meet a very different kind of demand. You just want to enjoy something that’s made in Taiwan. What’s made in Hong Kong these days? Do we instinctually buy the imports? It’s always interesting to learn about the differences of the Chinese communities and what represents the place under different governance and system.

Water Kettles Boiling in motion


Mobile Phone, Photography

I always find my way to appreciate things that I accidentally come across. I’d love to know about the background story, whether it’s historic reason or a personal story. This mindset mostly came from music during my early teenage. Ever since when I came across with Channel V, MTV, HMV, I was sold to all foreign music. The more I listened to, the more bands, artists and genres i discovered. As I get more mature, I’m willing to explore genres that used to not attuned to. My current music collection varies from jazz to heavy metal, but I still have Madonna’s and Jewel’s older albums. I can appreciate wines while coffee is also my thing because of how accessible they are. And without a surprise, I finally fell in love with Chinese tea recently. If I was never helping my friend on his startup tea company, I’d have never sampled tea and got me curious to discover for more. All these occurrences I took it as my fate. When I look back, it has to happen with no any other way.

It’s my belief that personal experience is the strongest hard earned reward, knowledge comes second. I’m all about exploring it on my own. Others would take up lessons, look for buddies, be friend with the experts (at some point seek advises from experts is inevitable). Others would think it’s a rather lonely path, I however think it’s an opportunity to find your inner self.

Tea can be just as technical as wine and coffee culture. Thanks to the surge of new wave tea culture in Taiwan. They made tea that’s as accessible as ordering a Latte. They believe the old fashioned tea ceremony way was overrated (very true), instead they modernized the entire presentation. I always love the execution part whether it’s old or new. I love their high attitude oolong green tea, the character is unlike anything from Mainland China. The ‘perfume’ releases simply extraordinary. It’s love, that’s what I call.

Rain Drop

Chiu Chow Food & Cultural Festival 潮汕文化嘉年華 2011 – Part 1

Food, Photography

Chiu Chow is a city in the Guangdong province. It’s also a well established ethnic group with their own kind of cooking and culinary style. It’s one of the strongest canton communities of Hong Kong. The current chairman of Chiu Chow Commerce Association just happened to be one of my company’s bosses. I received a page of cash coupons for this festival and I love food. That’s why I was there!!!

The festival was not as crowded on saturday. I waited a day to visit on sunday. More visitors = more things to see. And I was so right that I met Michael Lam. He’s a celebrity food writer/presenter, had been seen on TV many times. I took a few photos of him for the sick of it. He was nice enough to face at my camera even I was shooting it candidly. makes my day even better. I praised his physical appearance while he was grabbing me a cup of tea in a tent. Holy smoke, the tea was so great. Really great..never tasted anything like it in a paper cup!

I used a few cash coupons on beef balls in soup and pan-fried rice dumplings. They were nice. They warmed me up instantly (it was windy today, I was shivering).

This festival will run two more days until 6th Dec. Go there if you haven’t. Grab some food and hang out with friends.


mobile app that teaches Chiu Chow dialect language.
Haha, he was looking at me and smiled! lol


Yes. These are goose heads. didn’t know it can be eaten until now..


This was the tea that i love. In my opinion, any tea that tastes like soap with a lingering finish is called good


A master from China carving a tofu from scratch (a block) to what you’re seeing, a bird!

He did it. And it’s a tofu still!

Pan-fried rice dumplings


Dried sea weed i think…

Chinese can do a lot of unbelieveable things, this is one of those you’ll wow – Slicing noodles over his head on a single wheeled bike