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The Individual Visit Scheme (multiple-entry individual visit scheme) was launched to boost the Hong Kong economy after the devastating SARS. It was a crisis and an aftermath and the scheme was not all that annoying until last few years’ parallel trade activities near our border districts. Lots of shops closed down and replaced by pharmacies that sells daily necessities. Train stations filled with these traders packing and lining up to the platform. Clearly, it’s a supply and demand business equilibrium until it affected the districts’ residents. That had caused our local shortage in baby powder, the government had even placed a restriction to no more than carrying 2 cans out of the border after this incident when critically complained by the public.

The swamp of Mainland tourists on Canton Road (The Fifth Avenue of HK) while it’s not as sickening as it’s away from residential districts. It’s mostly avoidable. Franchises such as the luxury fashion brands, electronic retailers and pharmacies have took over most ground level shops in many hotspots in town. Maybe it’s good for the retail and perhaps the overall economy; but as a general citizen who just wish to wonder in town, it gave up our choices, possibilities and rights.

I agreed for the greater good, some of us may need to sacrifice; only when we all know where to draw that line. Our conscious community have been reacting to it by holding rallies, touring through various districts. It’d gotten worse in 2013-2014. I was at first annoyed by it very much. Until recently I realized all that had to be done by these concern groups and political parties, in order to alarm our slow reacting government or the situation would continue to get worse. You may argue there has to be another way. I believe nobody wanted the ‘angry’ way, it’s clear that it’d brought noise and concern to the authorities a lot quicker. It had then stirred up debate in the city.

Last year the authority had finally revised the scheme to become “single visit per week”. It was to respond the public concern and officials finally recognized it as an issue.

A world we see

The bigger picture we now look at is, for the past 12 years we had no have any new major tourist spots being developed. We had relied so much on the mainland tourists for quick turnovers and ignored the quality world tourists we should also cater. Many mainlanders only visit Hong Kong for consumer goods, there aren’t much for them to see here. “There’s a huge distinction between consumer and tourist.” (Reference: A short documentary in Cantonese)

The city’s development had inevitably wiped out many architectural heritage we once had. It’s important to not only conserve and restore the remains in full scale, we need to embrace it as our history. There’s history in Hong Kong, we cannot put all these behind and shove them in the museums. Not only they can be a visual landmarks, it’s a respect to our land and facilitates our sense of belonging. Unfortunately, the respect to our land is only tied to money – government revenues as land auction to the property developers.

Maybe the still yet-to-be-developed West Kowloon Cultural District is the major (long-term) tourist attraction in the city. I do very much look forward to it after visiting the equivalent project in Taipei, but for now we could just wait and wait some more. We’re at least 10 years behind from the original timeline and the second phase is even pushing longer until 2026-2030. I hate to see it become just another random public parks or shopping malls.

Losing the Grip

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The current hot topic is how we should be handling the ever increasing Mainland Chinese tourists. An average local Hong Kongese feels our home is under threat. Threat of occupying our public spaces in a few districts that notorious for shopping necessities and luxury name brands. It’s really not my business until I see how politicians and government officials answered the questions made by the public. Speaking of developing new tourist attractions, all they do is pointing the finger on which way they should go. Who doesn’t know we need new spots for tourists…talk is cheap. I see really see no commitment in them, no foreseeable plans. So there they are, debating.

We are aware of the overcrowded issue on the main tourist attractions. There’re many of us believe we the locals should deserve better. We do not understand why there’s so few tourist attractions. Perhaps developing a new attraction would take forever and it’s really not necessary because all our government could think of is to develop more and more shopping centre? As we see how all our infrastructures are delaying. We do not understand why benches and seats are so hard to find in shopping malls. Yes, perhaps everyone is an iron man won’t get tired. And probably everyone can afford to pay for their seats in a restaurant on a mall instead. Our government should be taking the leading role to think the unthinkable, ‘wow’ everyone for once. I’m for one not too appreciate the public spaces in the city. I would even avoid going to some districts at all cost, knowing it’d be a waste of time waiting for transportations and facilities. Just when our tourism and the retail franchises are becoming the city’s main source of income. Who doesn’t want to make money, only that the money is not really going back to the general public and our living environment is getting more and more crowded. Should we not be saying anything back to those in charge of all that?
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There was not a thing in mind in the past week. There was absolutely nothing I could make myself do. Even if there’s a new camera to play with, I wouldn’t go wild. I stuck with my routine walk after work. I’m not seeing, feeling anything at all. I see desperation. I try to convince myself now and then. I question myself if It’s the perfect time to go on some sort of short hiatus and re-program myself again. I’m no iron man. Not only a sizable break perhaps a new direction.

How about just get lazy and play with my 28mm again? See if I can skip going for a break for more than just a few days.. How does that sound?!

The City Competitiveness


I had a Korn concert marathon on youtube and learned about the band had a gig recently in (China) Shanghai the first time. I always wondered why among all the great asian cities, Hong Kong was almost never considered as a destination for bands/artists when tour. Some of their must stops are Seoul, Tokyo, Jakata and even Manilla. This question had been running through my head since I was a kid. Reason being not enough of fans was one of the first few things I could think of. Until last year, the Red Hot Chili Peppers toured Hong Kong. There were actually plenty of concert goers. Not enough of fans was never an excuse. Korn in Shanghai was never a coincidence, It was a music event that they invited bands like Limp Bizkit (first time in China), Jamiroquai, Neil Young for performance. And the best part is, there’s no censoring. They could f- all they wanted.

Fortunately enough, I went to see Korn in concert when I was in the US. It fulfilled one of my dreams back then (I did not dream big…). Seeing my favorite bands was never an issue. Whereas here, I feel like a tied bird. Perhaps Hong Kong is just too small and does not really ring people’s bell. Really? Remember Batman skid down from the tallest building in Hong Kong. Rome/Han spoke about Macao and Hong Kong in the Fast 6 movie. It would never make it into their scripts if we’re not anything at all. I think we have some presence in the western world.

It’s not important of how people look at us. What’s more important to know how we see the world. I could totally see all the surrounding asian cities running ahead of us in every way. There’s even F1 Grand Prix in Shanghai and more recently Singapore. I think it is this kind of (event hosting) acts that people would remember about the city. Hong Kong, we label ourselves as the Asia World City. What is it really about?

We often debate about the competitiveness in the region. It’s not something that one or two person could achieve. It is a standard, a trend. We need to widen our scoop and see what’s ahead. Sadly, what’s set is set. We could only hope for the best for our future generations and the prospective plans from our government.

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