The Far Away Town – 上水


In progress

The day begun with a severe rain, thunderstorm, flood warnings…

At the train station

Torn legislator

The weather had turned 180º to a fine day with clear sky.

Summer Jello

Sheung Shui (上水) is the second last train station before the China/Hong Kong northern border. It’s the also the nearest station with a town from Shenzhen, China; making it the best destination for the Mainland Chinese to shop at. There’s a huge demand for the Mainland Chinese for the genuine Hong Kong goods/products. It had brought tensions to the community as it drove the overall prices up marginally in the market. So as the rent and even local businesses got replaced by chain stores. It had really stirred up lots of heat over the debate of trafficking baby milk powder to China. There were shortages throughout the entire Hong Kong and brought fear to moms and infants. The Hong Kong Government had even contained the situation by setting regulation to not allow bringing more than 2 cans of milk powder across the border.

It was a brief walk at the centre of Sheung Shui after work. I really enjoy seeing the old blocks with the remaining local businesses. There’re not anything for the tourists but still a reasonably comfortable community.

Bus repair

Caring grandma

At the market

Sheung Shui old block