The Far Away Town – 上水


In progress

The day begun with a severe rain, thunderstorm, flood warnings…

At the train station

Torn legislator

The weather had turned 180º to a fine day with clear sky.

Summer Jello

Sheung Shui (上水) is the second last train station before the China/Hong Kong northern border. It’s the also the nearest station with a town from Shenzhen, China; making it the best destination for the Mainland Chinese to shop at. There’s a huge demand for the Mainland Chinese for the genuine Hong Kong goods/products. It had brought tensions to the community as it drove the overall prices up marginally in the market. So as the rent and even local businesses got replaced by chain stores. It had really stirred up lots of heat over the debate of trafficking baby milk powder to China. There were shortages throughout the entire Hong Kong and brought fear to moms and infants. The Hong Kong Government had even contained the situation by setting regulation to not allow bringing more than 2 cans of milk powder across the border.

It was a brief walk at the centre of Sheung Shui after work. I really enjoy seeing the old blocks with the remaining local businesses. There’re not anything for the tourists but still a reasonably comfortable community.

Bus repair

Caring grandma

At the market

Sheung Shui old block

Be Our Eyes



A crowded city.


Ricoh has just announced the ‘New GR’. The fans are really looking forward to it. The ‘New GR’ marketing campaign has gone over the edge by telling everyone the camera will be our new eyes (mostly because of the new industry standard APS-C image sensor) – “Be Your Eyes”. My eyes certainly don’t need new sensor, I would not rule out the possibility of getting the new GR at some point. However, I also need to consider the consequences of my GRD IV.


An old block

Ricoh says: To beat the GR, is another GR.
I say: To beat the new GR, is to use my X2.

Walking Cat

The Nanny

My X2 is the answer to all that wonders. The images produce from both are rather similar because of the image sensor. To be honest, I still can’t believe I own a Leica (not M). It helps me straighten my mind. I want photographs, I want improvements in me, cameras more or less works the same. If I go out and shoot meaningful photographs, that’s the winner. One thing that I must do is to try harder, think differently.

Can't walk but can handle an umbrella


I must not deny I’d been getting really comfortable with the GRD lately. It’s my new eyes per se, in 28mm. Anywhere I go, everywhere I see, it’s this little black boxy camera. If 35mm is a game of framing what’s important on an image, then 28mm is a game of practicing your legs, openness to your subject and environment. They’re both equally fun.

Run out of space


It was just a day spent in China last Sunday. I already missed it. Here in Hong Kong, everywhere is crowded, on the street, in the subway, in the bus, in a restaurant…basically everywhere I go.


Old friends


It was a cool fix at a park where I spent about 15 mins not doing anything. It is the only place in the city to get peace where I could still hear birds, hear my own breathing, taste the air, and see human actually slow down.

Fragmented Childhood Memories


Fishing boat on the river

Almost home

6:00am: got up
7:00am: left home
7:35am: breakfast
8:30am: Jet boat took off
11:30am: arrived Jiang Men, China

It all seemed to become a regular routine to me. My last visit to Jiang Men, China was not long ago. Nonetheless, It’s really good to see all my relatives and their extended families. Especially when seeing my grand-uncle still kicking in his 70’s, it made me want to treasure each and every moment while i was there.

Chinese Custom Officer



My cousins have married and have a couple of kids for at least 8 years already. Frankly, I do not recall their kids’ names. I just do not have chance to get to know them.

The caged piggy van


Whenever I go back to Jiang Men, it brings me back all my fragmented childhood memories. I used to spend my weekend in a farming village during my summer holiday from school. The brick house I stayed at was not air-conditioned. During the day, there was nothing but to play with my cousins with just about anything. There weren’t any toys or TV games. It was very primitive.

Hanging bottles



Though it all seems to be a time tunnel for me, I was the only one who walked through it. Sharing to others do not mean a thing to them. They hear the my stories, my pasts, and more importantly they cannot ever remember all the details. My fragmented childhood memories are like rolls of living film. It keeps re-running over and over again. They’re still warm and colorful to me even so many years have passed.

Ice Cream time


No wonders when historians wish to record a piece of living history or biography, the candidates can remember the most detailed piece of information for a historian. Of course that requires lots of research.

Biker on the Street

My passed-away grandma from Jiang Men had visited Hong Kong once, spent a week at my home. She taught me how to use chopsticks properly. It’s a piece of memory that I would not ever forget in my life as I use chopsticks daily. I practically see her in my heart everyday.

We visited our grandma and other relatives at the cemetery. We, Chinese do this once a year really has a reason for it. We have our public holiday called “Qingming Festival”. A reminder for everyone to pay a visit and show respect to our family ancestors.

Convenient store


In China