The Undeveloped Development Pt.2


Suppressing our emotion is a good way to show ourselves being in control. While not emotionally attached to a specific set of photos, may very well leads to a higher quality to the collection. Once in a while, It’s not particularly a bad idea when the material working with is already contrasty as a day that’s almost in monochrome. The entire world was underexposed. It became quite a ‘fun’ challenge to myself – It’s how I would describe the afternoon with typhoon signal no.3 in force.

To Let

Not poor in mind, happy even poor.

Hobby, fishing

As much as the expected rain had yet to come, I made my way to the Kwun Tong Ferry Pier. I like visiting the harbor front whether it’s a good or bad day. I just did and I knew there’s always someone, something right there despite the expected poor weather condition.




I wandered through the former industrial area (now mostly rented as offices which is very common as most factories have migrated to Mainland China long ago since the 90s). In just a few blocks I arrived at the harbor front. It’s one of the few locations where anyone can kick back and relax in the city.



Lamps through the rain

Further down, there was the recreational area. I was heading there and just in time I made it half way to the public pier. I did not intend to stay longer than 2 mins at the pier until the rain started to pour. At some point, the visibility was so low that I couldn’t even see anything but the rain. The gusty wind started to catch up as well. I saw birds flying without moving, hanging in the sky. The cruel nature gave no mercy to the little life.

Water  Black and white

This happens to be a different part of the Kwun Tong district: The Undeveloped Development

Developing, in progress

Open channel

Off work

Wrong Signal


Weather is one of the main factors that photographers concern the most on a shooting day. Not entirely because of the precaution needs to be done to protect your precious gear, not because of the slower shutter speed and higher iso settings that may degrade images; It is the wrong psychological signal sent to your mind that poor weather (strictly speaking heavy rain) keeps you from being active. As a normal sane person, who wants to go out when raining? It just ruin the mood.



Key to new home  Water bottle

Many have stated photographs shot in the rain turned out to be some of their favorites. I concur. It’s the determination that drives you to work harder, to get something done on a day that you’re not supposed to be shooting.

Cats and Dogs

Gothic cat

Ladies in the rain


Fallen leaf  Gate

To me what I see about the weather affects me is also the same as how it affects the others in their environment. It’s a realistic way to observe how people react to the mother nature. Therefore in rain, It’s an honest way to capture the lives that are surrounding us. I would only do it once in a while (of course when motivated enough to get yourself wet!)

Are you ready to get wet?

Street Photography in the rain with my cellphone


A Wet Queen's Road Central.
A Wet Queen’s Road Central.

This morning it was only cloudy. There weren’t any rain despite the weather forecast had mentioned about it. As usual, I brought my trusty GRD as a daily camera. Normally, if the rain is only drizzling, i wouldn’t care about my camera getting wet or anything. Until this afternoon, it started to rain like cats and dogs.

Plastic waste from umbrella bags
Plastic waste from umbrella bags

At the time I was leaving office head out for photo shoot, I decided taking out my GRD is not too good of an idea as the rain drops anywhere…mostly from people’s umbrellas when walking by. My last resort was to bring out my cellphone to begin shooting.

Under a roof
Under a roof

At first, I was only aiming shoot photos with 4:3 and crop them into 1:1 for Instagram. I uploaded a whole bunch of photos to my Instagram account (@ apinhongkong). Shortly after snapping a few with some motion blur, they were actually good enough to be a 4:3 to present them on my wordpress blog. Right, that’s what I’ve done.

Blurred light and reflection
Blurred light and reflection

The OEM camera app from Samsung is sluggish and i don’t like it at all. I use Camera360 app to snap photos with. It’s a very user friendly and also one of the fews that features all the functions we need to produce full size 8MP photos. I think the sweetest feature is the image effect. There are tons of effects to be chosen. Only in black and white, there’s 5-6 different effects. They vary in contrasts and tones.

Couple in the rain
Couple in the rain

I snapped 30 photos in 40 mins on my way home. I totally forgot about there’s a LED flash on the phone. I think I had done a hipshot with flash on. Um…yea..that happens..I didn’t realize until I was doing a aerial shot from a bridge.

I got poncho.
I got poncho.

Not sure what’s wrong with the bluetooth between my phone and macbook. I wasted all night fixing and transferring the photos to my computer. Finally I got them transferred and I processed them. They’re pretty cool even only shot by a cell. A couple of shots, i even like the color version.

A bad day for outdoor workers
A bad day for outdoor workers

It was a night to practice my vision on scenes that projected to my brain. My mentality was no different than using my normal camera gear. I totally accepted the fact that the shutter lag is horrible..i still managed to walked to my subjects, pictured the scene with my vision and snapped. I was surprised I was able to capture some anticipated moments. The practice tonight was productive.

Once again showcasing the best camera is the one we already have..I was motivated after reading about the Magnum photographer Alex Majoli. He had done his photo journalism works with his Olympus point and shoot during the wars in Middle East. So, seriously if he was given only an iPhone, i’m sure the same results could very well be made. Don’t get me wrong with the mobile photography thing I’m into recently. I still use my GRD daily (i snapped a few with my GRD for my mom and sister tonight at home).

Don’t forget we smartphones are so well made and sturdy that they’re shock, dust, cold, rain proof.