From crawling to walking


Walking with mom

I dug up photos from iPhoto while checking out what I was doing a year ago. I found an album shot with my Lumix G3 camera on December 4th, 2011. That was the time I just got myself into candid photography. It’s a period when I still shot primarily scenery, landscape which usually required me to travel to a destination for shots that I thought it was so boring. One thing I knew for sure, I do not travel out of Hong Kong. Travel photography was another genre to be taken out. I thought about macro photography, the world of macro photography can be a cool art. It wasn’t really my thing. In any way, I was like a baby.

Heart-shaped leaves

When human is like flowers

I’m really lucky I found what I wanted to focus on now – street photography or a better way to describe it as life documentary. It’s been going on for a year now and counting.

Live Sketching

When I look back to these photos, first thing that comes to my mind is the G3 is really doing what some entry level DSLR could do. Superb image quality. I mounted it with a 50mm Lumix-Leica lens. I did enjoy the large aperture and bokeh. Second thing that comes to me is ‘Did I take these?’. I see a form of photography in it.

I see myself had gone from crawling to walking in photography. I feel I understood more about myself through it. Or is it simply because I’m a year older? Or does it not matter at all?


I believe all I need to do is to continue with my thing and my camera.

The best camera is the one we got | zen master sculpture, sheung wan

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Tell by many pros and experienced avid photographers. It doesn’t really matter what equipment you got, we can get the best possible snap with your skill, reflection on the objects/event to produce meaningful photos. It’s so true. That prevented me from spending a dime on another camera just yet.

The latest announcement from Fuji – The new Fujifilm X-Pro1 compact interchangeable lens system camera is so attractive..the price is doubled of many current m43 cameras. And the lenses are likely to be priced at my Leica Summilux f1.4 lens. The total control/customization and hybrid rangefinder style viewfinder are what appealing to me the most. The styling to be honest, don’t find it too appealing. I’d like to see more metallic colors other than the whole thing in black.

This zen master tells us to stay calm despite all the difficult circumstances (where it’s situated – between commercial buildings, a tight confined area), and you’ll overcome one day like him. I think that’s the meaning behind this…yea..something like that..the zen thing requires understanding from within. It’s deep..

My Samsung Galaxy S2 had been producing great lomo photographs since my last few business trip to Macao. The RetroCam app is the only free lomo app that capable of giving me useable quality of 8 mega px from the built-in camera. I must say shooting with Black and White with it is hella fun. The only limitation is great only when there’s daylight. The lack of control/adjustment hinder me from getting the right exposure in difficult light situation.