From crawling to walking


Walking with mom

I dug up photos from iPhoto while checking out what I was doing a year ago. I found an album shot with my Lumix G3 camera on December 4th, 2011. That was the time I just got myself into candid photography. It’s a period when I still shot primarily scenery, landscape which usually required me to travel to a destination for shots that I thought it was so boring. One thing I knew for sure, I do not travel out of Hong Kong. Travel photography was another genre to be taken out. I thought about macro photography, the world of macro photography can be a cool art. It wasn’t really my thing. In any way, I was like a baby.

Heart-shaped leaves

When human is like flowers

I’m really lucky I found what I wanted to focus on now – street photography or a better way to describe it as life documentary. It’s been going on for a year now and counting.

Live Sketching

When I look back to these photos, first thing that comes to my mind is the G3 is really doing what some entry level DSLR could do. Superb image quality. I mounted it with a 50mm Lumix-Leica lens. I did enjoy the large aperture and bokeh. Second thing that comes to me is ‘Did I take these?’. I see a form of photography in it.

I see myself had gone from crawling to walking in photography. I feel I understood more about myself through it. Or is it simply because I’m a year older? Or does it not matter at all?


I believe all I need to do is to continue with my thing and my camera.

Steep adjusting curve for a X100 convert

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Switching from a miniature-like DSLR Lumix G3 is much bigger than i thought. I’m still working it out with the focusing, the camera does have a little bit of too long of focus measurement mechanism for a camera in the 21st century. I’ll further test some more to choose the WB other than Auto, using OVF to tackle the slightly slow focus mechanism. I’ll deploy the well known AFL technique and set the focus to a certain distance. I believe practice gives me more idea how this camera work, rather than seeing how people rant about the unique operation or what they call it an issue. I don’t feel it this way.

I’m still learning how the exposure works on the X100. The neutral 0 compensation seems to be a little overexposed during the day with bright sunlight. I’m guessing it’s the bright sunlight, not the camera. I’ll turn the ND filter on to see if it’d improve, i’m sure it’d just had not done it yet.

Using the X100 makes me a totally different feel. It’s more like shooting photos, using the correct setting to get the shot. It requires a little thought on how i want to work it out before the shot. Rather than just changing the ISO which I usually just do on my Ricoh GRD (it’s a good habit to check it on the street though, to know what shutter speed I’m getting keeping me ready for any moment). That’s why I love my Ricoh so much. Everything can be adjusted with one hand, it’s light and unassuming. It’s a camera I’d bring daily no matter what.

Back to my X100. The parallax is more apparent than I’ve thought. Today I saw many shots were slightly off. The neck strap had been somewhat making me uncomfortable when not wearing. Especially i don’t like camera on my chest, it catches too much attention. Perhaps using a neck strap is a bad idea then, save it for my travel trips?! I’ll just look for a wrist strap whenever i see any in good price and right look. The Hakuba tripod mount wrist strap had been my favorite, i just wouldn’t use any other type for my Ricoh GRD. I’ll try to find some in Mong Kok tomorrow. Good Luck!

Goodbye to Lumix G3, greet the Fujifilm X100!

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Last night I was thinking about selling my Lumix G3. With a snap of a finger, decisions were made. And Hong Kong is such a small place that it can be easily done thanks to the web. I posted what I wish to sell on the most-visited used camera site. Just like that, I got quite a few enquiries and actually the first message was the person whom i sold to. With a simple phone call, we quickly arrange an MTR station and do the checking, then we were set. I had seen people done this kind of trade many times. Ironically, this was my first time and I love the quick response by the web.

I’m not going to say much about how much I got in return. I’ll just say I’m glad I decided to have it done so swiftly. Now I know it’s possible to sell digital toys this way. Cool!

So where’s my main camera now, do I miss the G3? Answer is no, not anymore. I handed it out to a stranger without regret and tears. Instead, I dropped by my favorite camera shop that has all the top selling cameras for testing, Coxell. I picked up the X100. As I expected, it’s very solid or a.k.a. heavy. Great for stabilizing when shooting. The hybrid viewfinder is interesting, though I got used to the optical viewfinder. Yes, this optical viewfinder has digital readings showing on the glass! Holy sh|t. It’s like a dream. The manual controls/dials were the features I need. The styling, top notch. I told the salesman there that I wouldn’t like the upcoming X-Pro1. It’s big, it’s heavy, the lenses are adding even more bulk. All I need is a quality prime. With more testing and running, It’s quite alright.

The price drop is making it even more attractive. I asked for the salesman for a new one. It’s HKD 1K less than the well-known appliances store in Hong Kong. It comes with protective film for the LCD, genuine lens hood, and the 8GB class 10 SD is also included.

I haven’t really test it out yet. It was late and I felt sleepy. It’ll take time to get used to it. I’m up for it!