Trying and Believing

Mobile Phone, Photography

As you’re reading this post, I’ve already got invited as a photographer by an active editor/writer in Hong Kong, who’s pledged on working on a book project. What’s exciting about this book project is that: It’s about Hong Kong and I can be part of it to contribute to my home. I get to work together as a team on topics that I also wanted to do. I cannot say I’m nervous, but just so little to know what to expect. Just like how you’d imagine what a new job is all about. I have a good grasp on all the common environmental settings, all i have to do is to be there really. Be there on the spot!

The workflow would be so different from what I normally do on such as a project or a photo essay. It will require more communication exchanges on photo selections and directions we should steer onto. I’m glad I could experience like this. On the other hand, I get to speak English again which I feel familiar with and yet odd (because I got rusty).

And how about the very same editor interviewed me for a themed article on a local english magazine along with a few other photographers (can’t wait to see how it’d look under the care of professionals). Who would have thought i get opportunity like this? It feels like a little lottery I’ve won.

I must thank myself for trying and believing thus far.

The Curtain
Kid thru the Glass
Into the Illusional Blue
Fine Wines in Professional Cellar
Professional Food Prep
Manageable Scale
Unmanageable Scale

Do Us Proud


June 2014 last month was recorded as the hottest June since 1884. Staying outdoor during the day is not an easy task for many. The only way to stay active besides paying for premium membership to hit the gym is really to jog around in town whenever possible, although I tend to exercise some whenever I could at home. Being out and see as far as our sight could see is the simple most rewarding part. Most people are just too busy in town as much as I could see. Staying busy is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just my personal trait to see what others do. Seeing what’s happening around me give me a clearer perspective of how the city is changing in certain ways. Although my perspective is limited to the city I live in now, it’s still a very good source of knowing how and where my root is shaping toward.

I could see the Hong Kong people are desperately longing for general entertainment. Just see and hear who’s not talking about the World Cup Brazil. How Louie Van Gaal and Tim Krul became the national heroes, almost as if we’re the Dutch. How Lionel Messi leads the Argentines to the quarterfinals and more. Hong Kong is historically weak in all type of sports. See how much a sport events can bring entertainment to people. It’s something fans would look forward to or even worship to. We just do not have a very well established sport system to manufacture athletes which draws fans to fancy on. It can be a sophisticated business after all. Just see how crazy the fans are for the English Premier League, NBA,…It’s a great opportunity to hang out with friends even away from the venue. It brings people together.

Another observation is how many people had flocked into one place when there’s cute art, remember the giant rubber duck on the Harbor and recently the 1600 Panda Exhibition tour (for those in HK would know). General people like us got little cheap entertainment around town, I honestly believe a better downtown city park, a zoo, anything revolutionary would make us Hong Kong people proud of. Yes, I’m drooling over the Garden by the Bay in Singapore. Hong Kong has to build something like these fast. These facilities can relieve stress or even vent. Hong Kong has many world class country parks and trail walking are great; however not everyone’s cup of tea.

Just see how many of us give a crap about the Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day or I prefer calling it the ‘Commemoration Day of Handover’. I’ve seen what the Americans do on their 4th of July (Independence Day), they show patriotism in their hearts. Nothing I’ve ever seen. I was born during the year of Sino-British Joint Declaration. I honestly do not care which flag it raises, China, Hong Kong, the Great Britain. When people ask where am I from? My answer is always ‘Hong Kong. I’m Chinese but not from China.’ Most foreigners do not get it, but it means a great deal for us.
Cosmic Crystals
Photographing with the panda
Lined up Panda

On and Done


It came to me that the heat and laziness (the most part) are setting more road blocks to my photography. I get reasonably tanned from my 20 mins jog after lunch. At least I’m still jogging to stay healthier really. And then there’s the World Cup Brazil 2014 going on, I like cheering on the teams I support in front of my TV on mid-nights. But then the TV network (the one and only free one) broadcasts only 22 games out of 64. A worldwide sports event, not so for the poorer crowd here. That all sums up to fewer and fewer of workable images also raised my concern since my last couple of weeks (posts) already. It’s a major set back, but I still think that it’s a very good experience to actually deal with something I will encounter down the road.

I’m human after all, I just want to live my life easier during this hot summer. To casually slip out a phone out of a pocket, camera app with no-brainer auto mode, a few touches and swipes, it’s on and done. The rest is history. Knowing with heart and patience, every photographs counts no matter how it’s shot with, what it’s shot with. I’m still living my life, experiencing in the city; only in a slightly different way.

Soccer Babies
Old Block
Kiss her
Vending Machine
Soccer practice