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Stirred up sky

I’m right at a city where every hipster kid wishes to visit at least once in their life. It’s quite a statement now that it suddenly popped out of my head after watching a youtuber guiding through the cities and a number of foreign people that actually stays in Hong Kong.

Watching guides of Hong Kong have benefited myself in a way on things I normally do would not take it for granted. It allows me to reflect and appreciate although I cannot travel as many as others, I get to live in a city where everyone wants to visit.

Work to build

Maybe I do not have the luxury to experience the high-end part of the city in substantial ways, I take it as a smaller population’s activities. After all, it’s still an attraction to the world and foreign population. It’s an illusion to many of us locals to live life in an alternative way/their ways. On one side, the social media allows us to peek through other people’s lives which forms an illusion to allure yourself; On the other side, we still have our pals from our childhood living (if not better) in a relatively similar lifestyle. What’s the norm, does it matter when we’re not supposed to compare? Many says at the end of the day we’re all the same, sleep on a bed. It’s painful to not compare, you just have to be super disciplined.


Give a pad to your own shoulder, it’s not all that bad after all. The key is to create your own space. I’m not referring to a physical space, but more of a your happy ritual. Whether it’s habit, hobby, activity, anything that comforts yourself, it’s something for yourself (or can be shared with a partner). When you know this is something that nobody can take away from you, you’d naturally be comforted.


3 months have passed since my last proper hike. All things happened for a reason, except mine occurs to be always spontaneous. If it wasn’t a random conversation sparked up at an event, I wouldn’t bother to pack and head out early. I mentioned about this route that I considered the hardest (out of the blue). It was the steepest one I had climbed in the early days. Then the conversation got cut off by whatever reason, or just me not able to continue on or switch topic. It was all awkward anyway at the event without anyone I know.


I revisited to my first steep hiking experience. It was when I wore my jeans and walking shoes. Now when I recall the entire experience, it was all different. It’s different the fact that I did not carry that same motivation to conquer the peak as I’d done already. It’s different the fact that I now know how to climb up and down, and to pace myself; though I used a different and longer path this time.

It’d always been a test to my endurance and determination. I wanted to see if I can still do it. My question follows, do I still want to?

Unlike my previous experience which left my legs sore for almost a week. My legs were fine the day after. I notice I needed extra rests at the hike which I normally would suck up until reaching the finish line. That can be explained with the absence of cardio exercise and the prolong period of time away from the mountains.


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“Another pair of jeans in skinny fit I found today fitted like a glove.”

Shading the city

The number one question I get most of the time is, how can you be so skinny? There’re several meanings to this question.

How do you stay in shape?
Do you ever get fat?
Are you stressed?
Is there anything wrong with your body?
You look terrible.
I’m jealous.

Rocky beach

When I look at my diet and regularity of exercise, I understood this is my shape. I try to avoid junk food, spam, greasy deep fried/stir fried. Soda is a big no for me. I might be eating slightly less when food is average. On any given day, I just spend time walking with elevation. There used to be an older gentleman we used to see each other every other week when I was in a college gym. He said ‘Everybody has a different physique. It came from your parent’s genes’. I found it so true and I since then not seeking after a particular body. But one thing that has not even stopped was to train my core body. I may not look like I’m only wrapped with skin, but I’m actually a lot more agile than I look.


Island by an island

Today was the first real day off after a hectic week. I returned to my go-to Thai restaurant in North Point and also picked up something new. An old-fashioned thousand year egg pastry which was special, considering myself not a fan of the thousand year eggs. It was surprisingly good when mixed with lotus paste. I almost thought I got a cold while I was reading a few pages of local monthly journal in a park. I was sneezing throughout the day. I then realized it must had been the PM2.5 I’ve inhaled in the open area, as news was reporting all week. I feel totally fine now at home.

I cannot imagine what it’s like in some other cities plagued by smog. Some of us people just forgot what a clear sky was.

Common Ground

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Little Thai Paradise

The real definition of old town is more than what underlies it. You see, you feel, you touch, you smell, you interpret all the mysteries in a way no one can show you. You do not need to know the history well enough to be able to understand the old district. The people there, how they live, eat, chill would just guide your way through an unspoken language.

Old body with an transplanted soul is no longer the same entity. Some takes it as an upgrade rather than a transplant; whichever way it is, the community is just not the same.


What, you a dinosaur? Perhaps I’m. Others tell you to adapt and you think there’s always room to not.

When was your last time visiting a shop that’s at least 20 year-old in the city or even a family-run business that has passed down from at least 2 generations? I’m not here to convince you to go support these businesses. I want to know to the point where we have lost it all and bury all these common memories in the museums. Do not we have any regret? When it’s gone, it’s all gone.


Last month I had explored a few locations in the city because of the crave of good food. The things that reminded me of those old memories; were the few really old temples which I never bother to enter, the toy speedboat at a park and the names of the road. The roads are the same but the rest are very much like a movie set. You can erase them over and over again.


The subway is too convenient and we all are forgetting what’s traveling from district to district is like. I remember when I was little, I used to take a long bus ride with my family to tea house at the pier every other weekend. That’s 13 subway stations away.

Our generation is on the verge of loving the new urban city development for chic hangout places as well as convenience for all, and the urgency to halt all the removal that’s from a longer past. The common ground is not negotiable, and sometimes miraculously ignored by the residents nearby. There’re just too many people, too many people’s rights to say yes and no. Everywhere in the world is more or less the same, except we are just so populated.

Jump high

Kwun Tong is a district I grew up before I attended my secondary school, it’s currently undergoing this transformation. One of the longest running McDonald’s branch in HK was closed last month in Kwun Tong. It was opened in 1981.