Look Out the Window

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If you’d been following the blog, you’d know I religiously document my ‘only’ trip out of Hong Kong, to Jiangmen, China at least once a year. Every year I visit, i notice changes. Villages and farms had turned into modern concrete town houses and apartments. What’s even more haunting is that the first time I see a real skyscraper in Jiangmen. It’s unprecedented besides the local TV tower. The Wanda Plaza opened last November. Phase I and II comprises of office suites, hotel and a gigantic shopping mall. I did not have time to visit the interior, but the brief drove-by to the underground garage told me it’s one ambitious landmark of the city. The size is nothing i’d even seen, i’d imagine the size of a stadium. This is what exactly the real estate tycoon ‘2nd richest men in China’ would do. It wowed me to see such shiny skyscrapers and the shopping avenue nearby. It also questioned me who are these occupants of those office suites. To my understanding, Jiangmen is not too much of a business hub. Transportation is not as well facilitated as the nearby GuongDong cities

Bicycles got replaced by motorbikes, now automobiles are replacing motorbikes. Things do improve, do evolve at a pace we do not know about. The husband-in-law I spoke with had said they do not make a lot of money, but the expenses are really nothing compare to Hong Kong. Properties are much cheap, you’d buy a place not even need to stress about renting it. He claimed the trade off is the lack of modern city life. He does not want to worry about politics and all. All he cares is he and his family is getting all the basic needs, stay healthy and get on be happy with a normal life. He said he got really fed up with the government manipulation on the TV programs from Hong Kong. Not that because he could not see what happen in Hong Kong, it gets really annoying; just like when seeing a movie in theatre a big guy walk in front of you the whole time (this parable comes from me). I told him how I admire with the choices out there with the CCTV network, lots more program to choose from than in Hong Kong even a free sports channel is available. A good way to inspire their people to become athletes?

This time we had an alternative water route passing thru the Maliuzhou Waterway. It’s our first time passing thru it. I got to see some of the infrastructural development along the waterway in HengQin. It’s almost like a piece of blank paper, up to however they want to use this piece of flat land. I already see a few top hotels built along the shore. They’re there to cater the tourism needed for the Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom opened in 2014. It’d probably the last time we’d be traveling back the Jiangmen by water. Sooner or later they’ll cut the service between here and there. The schedule will changed to some odd hours which we’d not be able to meet for a single-day trip. We traveled back to Hong Kong for 4 hours by bus with congestion halfway thru.

Through the windows
Through the abandoned brickhouses
The last bit of remaining village
Tree vs. Antenna
Younger generation lives on
HengQin Bridge in construction

2.5 Hours

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It has to be the shortest stay I’ve ever spent in China in my entire life. If it’s not because of Ching Ming, I would not have spent just 2.5 hr in Jiang Men. Well, somehow it’s caused by the odd scheduling by the ferry company. There’s just 1 return trip from Jiang Men at 3:30pm. We arrived almost 12pm and with rides from and to the restaurant and the cemetery. My actual stay was just 2.5 hrs.

I did not get enough quality sleep because of the birds chorus 4am in the morning, got up at 6am. Then there’s the lousy McDonald’s dining experience at the ferry pier. Everyone tried to fight for their tables just because it’s Ching Ming. Last but the least, heavy fog at the first leg of our boat ride. It caused some delay on the overall time traveled.

It’s probably the first hottest day in 2014, I sweated like a dog under the sun at the cemetery. Sunburn? Hell yes.

And perhaps it’s the such short amount of time spent in Mainland. I was able to saw and reflect. There’s the tier one cities Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou to many people they’re the icons of China. What I see in Jiang Men is that, there’re still lots people left behind. It’s just not catching up…

3 hrs later…I was in Hong Kong again. Here I see modern people filled in a prosperous city.
In the Fog
Pee Bowl
Dumped Teddy
Noon Beer by the street
the Whatever Curtain