My Heart, My Home


There’s no such thing as a lucky shot. It’s always the effort that transpires.

It took me some time to finish the last stretch of this roll. It was a journey from start to finish. My weekdays weren’t easy, work got me preoccupied. I had absolutely no patience whatsoever to even make photo at the end of a day. I just wanted a calm, peaceful night.

The process to completing a roll had enlightened me. An unfinished roll kept reminding me I’m not done yet. It’s a huge motivator to listen to your heart and complete it, much like running a race that has not reached the finish line yet. I found this concept very different from digital. And guess what, once I’m done with the roll; I felt like I’m on vacation. It’s just that relieved.

People often spoke about their work, life balance. The classic example that i often picture in mind is an executive/management level person that’s well educated works 9-5 or home office in some case, five days a week. And when they’re not in office, they could be found socializing at a pub with friends. Weekends, they would go yachting, the beach, a cookout for friends at their place. Vacation would be an adventure. I also wonder why am I so far from that. Except the work part, none of that is on my list. It’s hard not to compare when seeing expats on my way home daily. They all seem can achieve that ‘work hard, play hard’ principle, it’s in their DNA. Frankly, even an average mainland Chinese can achieve that, now what am I. The life I live seem flat. This feeling has been undergoing inside of me for a fairly long time. It’s like seeing myself crippled at the starting point and everyone took off long ago. I live long enough but not experience enough.

I guess everyone has their own way of living. Comparing with the peers would just make mine miserable. Maybe as simple as enjoying my late lunch with a cup of steamy milk tea at a Cantonese cafe is my joy already. A joy that I have not ever considered it as. Seeing the life around me is what makes me feel alive. Hearing our language, reminds me I’m here, at my home – Hong Kong. My heart always stays here.

Sunset beauty
The Spokeswoman
Indian Man
Love in the bubbles
The Interbear poses
Love Pretender
The silence
Roadside Jockey
Xi JinPing in town



I guess it’s life, sometimes we experience new things along the way out of the ordinary. Along the way there’s no such thing as i knew beforehand. But there’s such thing as keep myself posted as anything developed, a.k.a. keep my eyes and ears open at all times. It was a one day only working trip to Macau last month. It’s the same time of the year where there’s an Expo for all businesses in Macau. I used to stay in Macau for a couple days when the hotel was at the acceptable range for the company. This time around it’s not possible. Hotel rates keep raising and raising.

During this trip I spotted a new development project near the casino resort area in Cotai. I’ve heard it on the news months ago, but i never expect I could see the early stage of development so soon. They’re building the monorail just like in Vegas. It’s really bringing more changes to the area. Imagine one day there’ll be monorail going from the pier to the resorts. And there’ll be a few more large resorts coming soon, currently under construction. While in Hong Kong there’re also changes I found lately, it’s the West Island Line of the MTR. It covers area like Pokfulam – Bonham Road, the Hong Kong University. If you’re unfamiliar with those places, they’re in the middle of mountain. So here you go, subway in the mountain. We did it again!

Over this trip I overheard on the venue announcement that there’d be a fashion show, I showed up at the moment when William Tang, the famous Hong Kong designer, foodie, travel guru presenting his lifetime collection. I knew it’d be cool to get a front row seat to see the entire run. So I found my way into the slightly more exclusive section. I got a feel for the fashion runway and the models. I was totally thrilled. I must admit that I like the world class model Liu Wen. It drove me to this fashion event. It was no coincidence. And it’s fantastic when they treat the show seriously, the music, the atmosphere, the models, the collection. One day I’d like to be sitting on the front row to see the real designer runway.
Macao Tower
Model in black
Red Heels
Mesmer in red
Models posing
Applaud William Tang

Severed Outside the Umbrella


Let us be clear, human has to live. Democracy cannot feed people. In order to feed people, we all need money. To look around the city, traffic is blocked many major roads. Businesses lose money, workers commute for longer time to work/home, tourists wander off to some other districts. Nobody knows when will everything go back to order. Government seems using the draining strategy on the protesters. They are not doing anything but to let the protesters occupy. The effect I see is that the government wishes the affected citizen or the silent majority stand up and get together to clear them out.

While the protest is still unsettled, most people’s voices is that the protesters can still protest under the circumstances to not interfere with their daily lives. It’s the bargaining chip the protesters hold. There’s not really a clear way-out as of this moment.

I’m done with the Occupy Central related material and began focusing more on the daily lives again last week. I did 3 rolls on the Konica. I thought it was too much as well considering many of them turned out weak. It’s why they invented digital in the first place. And I knew beforehand my work as a visitor would not ever be better than the photojournalists camping at the ground zero.

Apart from that, It was a hectic week. With lots of running around in town after knowing the Black Konica has issue on focusing. Neither the previous owner nor the professional repair could fix it. Long story short, I came by a CLA’ed Olympus 35 RC, lens is scratched up (I worried for a few days). It’s 42mm, portraiture would just be fine. Whether will I be able to capture what I usually do, I’d let time answer for me. The silver/black body was something I was fizzy about, not being the most unobtrusive. I got over it after a few use. First roll came out with incredible colors and contrasts. Everything works plus it can operate with full manual control, less the battery. My heart is all over it. This is the replacement.

These images are from mix of two cameras and films, as these were some street shots I made on the test rolls. I mixed them up intentionally to express how mixed up the past week was. Some highs, some (mostly) lows; some clear, some unclear.

Central Java Indoesian Wedding Costume
Market still lives
Busy Subway Station
The Umbrella Guardians
Outside World