Here & There – My Off-time with the GRD.


Between the buildings

Photography for me is a motivation, to walk further; an exploration, to explore things from my every day experience. I wouldn’t have walk and see as much as these past few months than I’ve ever had. I often came back home with tired body and said to myself ‘oh wow, I actually walked from across three city districts.’ I really do not care how many photos I take these days as long as I get one or two from a day. I’m satisfied. There’s no need to rush for photos if I do not feel like taking. I know it from myself I’m capable of shooting photos that I’ve done before. So it’s a matter of chance and of how I encounter the subjects/moments. If the timing, feeling is not right, just forget it. Moreover, photography is life-long and continuous. That is if you got everything done today or overwhelmed yourself, what are you going to do tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, next month and perhaps next year?

The beauty of our life is like what Forrest Gump says ‘Life is like a box of chocolate, you’d never know what you’re gonna get.’ It’s not different than photography as it’s part of our life experience. Again, ‘Oh man, I can’t believe I’m actually meeting Daido Moriyama in person in just two weeks’

This series includes photos taken from different areas of Hong Kong. I particularly enjoy the randomness and uninspired photography in days that I was confused and moody. I wouldn’t notice how interesting some of these photographs turn out until I select and process them. The way they turned out keeps surprising me. How cool to have photographs that do not turn out the way we wanted and actually better than how we’ve pictured.

In suit


Head Missing

Old lady


Man in public estate

Siu Mei, Chinese BBQ

Making her way



Water hose



Old man

Cat eating


Tai Chi move

Truck car park

Tattooed Men

Carton recycling

Construction waste

A&F Hong Kong opening

Male models at A&F Hong Kong

City celebration