When I wonder what exactly i’ve benefited from my day job in the past few years, I cannot think of a proper answer to that. I got switched to different roles in the company. Throughout, maybe 1% of it was what I considered interesting, the rest are just duties. The first year was most educational, I’d learned all the basics which made me knowledge-wise above an average person. It’s by the way a useful asset. Then in the later years, I was assigned to more operation, marketing tasks. The food/wine trade shows and food travel programs on TV/internet were the update patches when I get no opportunity to travel. The bottom line is I still love food.

It was originally more of a practice session for a side project I help on video shooting. I was able to tag along, to a fine-dining media tasting at a 5-star hotel. I was informed an Italian guest chef (who appeared in Hell’s Kitchen Italia and MasterChef Italia) would be in town for just 3 days. But nobody ever told me we get to eat the full course with wines selected by their in-house sommelier, in an exclusive private room with an open kitchen. Together with the hotel restaurant’s head chef; not only i got the front row seat, some of us went near the chef and get explained what they were doing. There were about 10 other media representatives at the table which they’re total strangers to me. We were treated just like the VIP guests.

They prepare food in style, present it like a show, plate it like an art.

Beef Tartare with Sliced White Truffle

I woke up on the next day still could not believe I had such dining experience. It was just that surreal. I’d been promoting/selling truffled mushroom sauce in my day job for years, but so unfortunate that I’d not seen or eat any fresh truffle. Seeing the real thing is nothing like how I’d normally found on the internet or TV. On the good side, part of what i’ve learned from my job makes me easily to appreciate the Italian food and wine.

These kind of tastings (which i believe may vary in scale) are needed every so often in order to get the wheel spinning for the local dining scene.


My computer went out of service for over a month until I get a replacement. With all the inconveniences, it was hard to believe I could survive that long without it.

There goes the bad, here comes the good. My work got selected to show on the Slideluck Hong Kong event along with 19 other ‘artists’ (that’s how they put it). It’s my first proper public showcase of my photo series. I cannot be happier to have my alias listed on their event banner!

Food Culture


How amazing food is not only a necessity to just filling up our stomach, it is also an art, history, a culture that represent a country, a region, a community, a civilization. In our modern days, it’s also a romantic leisure activity, a skilled asset (course, certificate) that may even get you a job (knowledge, experience), a science to research on the food ingredients. You need to know the people, travel the places in order to understand the entire picture. Excuse for all the manners and formalities in fine dining for a sec – When food serves in front of you as a fine dining situation, it elevated not only your party’s mood but also to the food. It’s such a stress reliever for some who could afford the price. Not only the food ceremony itself is the celebration of life, the entire process of eating and sharing is such an important gathering moments for all culture.

Food and cooking is a complete set of language of itself. I’m not even a chef but my curiosity have brought me far enough to learn about another culture of food. It’s not until recently I interacted with several guys on their book project, I realized how little I know about my own culture as a local. I really know nothing about the old school traditional ingredients nor the history behind it. Rather I’m chasing after another food culture that I have not even been to the origin and actively looking for more. Isn’t it strange?

To the Cantonese cooking, we do not care much about the oil as it’s mostly for cooking situation. To the Western culture, it’s heavily used as dressing, seasoning and the final touch. It gets very interesting when I hear how the Italians (being a vastly successful food exporting country) extract their common olive oil through cold press method, it can be unfiltered for even more rustic look (many expert says it does not affect the taste) and where & what olives are collected from. It can be a semester course just to learn about the olive oil. How it’s used is just ‘oh my’, unbelievably easy. The rule of thumb is to really keep it simple, drizzle on the salad, rice, steak, seafood, anything uncomplicatedly cooked. It works like sesame oil except olive oil should be generously used to carry out the maximum flavor of the accompanied food.

Shadows of Bottle
hairy pig
when homemade is long way from home
from all directions

Chiu Chow Food & Cultural Festival 潮汕文化嘉年華 2011 – Part 1

Food, Photography

Chiu Chow is a city in the Guangdong province. It’s also a well established ethnic group with their own kind of cooking and culinary style. It’s one of the strongest canton communities of Hong Kong. The current chairman of Chiu Chow Commerce Association just happened to be one of my company’s bosses. I received a page of cash coupons for this festival and I love food. That’s why I was there!!!

The festival was not as crowded on saturday. I waited a day to visit on sunday. More visitors = more things to see. And I was so right that I met Michael Lam. He’s a celebrity food writer/presenter, had been seen on TV many times. I took a few photos of him for the sick of it. He was nice enough to face at my camera even I was shooting it candidly. makes my day even better. I praised his physical appearance while he was grabbing me a cup of tea in a tent. Holy smoke, the tea was so great. Really great..never tasted anything like it in a paper cup!

I used a few cash coupons on beef balls in soup and pan-fried rice dumplings. They were nice. They warmed me up instantly (it was windy today, I was shivering).

This festival will run two more days until 6th Dec. Go there if you haven’t. Grab some food and hang out with friends.


mobile app that teaches Chiu Chow dialect language.
Haha, he was looking at me and smiled! lol


Yes. These are goose heads. didn’t know it can be eaten until now..


This was the tea that i love. In my opinion, any tea that tastes like soap with a lingering finish is called good


A master from China carving a tofu from scratch (a block) to what you’re seeing, a bird!

He did it. And it’s a tofu still!

Pan-fried rice dumplings


Dried sea weed i think…

Chinese can do a lot of unbelieveable things, this is one of those you’ll wow – Slicing noodles over his head on a single wheeled bike