The Festive Drums


Huge drum

It’s the first weekend after the Chinese New Year holidays. The holiday was over but it’s still Chinese New Year. Lots of festive activities still going on, turn on the TV i still saw lots of commercials with the New Year greetings.

I received ticket of a Chinese Orchestra performance in West Kowloon. It’s something that worth seeing as I love music. And I wanted to get more inspiration for a post I had in mind about ‘participation’ in street photography. Or I put it this way, rather than walking around or simply scratching the surface. I think spending more time dig deeper would not only give me surprises (photos), but making me not as bored by just preoccupied by ‘photography’ alone.

"V" from Cartoon


Early seats

This performance was organized by the Government (West Kowloon Cultural District Authority) and has the Chinese drums as main theme. As explained previously, my impression to the West Kowloon has been skeptical. And this was no exception. It was all good with a few booths and made it a fair-like festival. There’s even a 5-meter tall drum allow visitors to beat on.

Let's hear the drums



The performance was average, not that the musicians were no good. More like the complete open air stage, making the weak sounding amplifiers even weaker. There were no seats, I was sitting on the ground. Perhaps I wasn’t prepared but It’s certainly not so pleasant. If they want to organize these kind of outdoor performance, they really have to consider taking care of the elderly too.

West Kowloon

The weather was just right. The clouds had gone away as the performance began in the late afternoon.


_   _


I took a sunset stroll with my sister after it as she had never been to the jogging trail on the other side of West Kowloon.

Chiu Chow Food & Cultural Festival 潮汕文化嘉年華 2011 – Part 2

Food, Photography

Monday in my hand was 80 dollars worth of coupons for the festival. I tried persuading my colleagues to visit this awesome festival. I failed..more or less had to do with my personality, or they just thought i have intention other than eating for free..oh well..when there’s food I don’t give a damn about anything else. Free food to try, hey! it’s just me.
Off I go, to the festival again after work, as usual i carried my camera with me. I was able to document this event with images and my simple writing 🙂 I received a free drink while i was sitting at the stage area eating noodles. Wohoo..again free. Few minutes after i sat down, there was some pop karaoke performance. Not a big fan of it, but still better than a dead quiet monday night in Central.
I tasted food that i hadn’t try on the day before. This is fried fish nuggets.
Many passerby after work. They’re like robots, walking the same direction at the same pace . I was observing these passerby while I was enjoying the free tea provided at the event. The exact same one i praised the other day. The gentleman poured me 3 cups that night.
It simply ease all my stress for the day. Drinking a cup of good tea in open air on a beautiful night. You could picture how much I enjoyed it 😀
I remembered there were some oblong shaped dessert dumplings. Seriously I had no idea how to read that (2 chinese characters combined into 1, yea wtf) my colleagues were puzzled at the very same word we encountered LOL. It happened that our boss walked by we asked him how the hell do we read that word. That word is actually pronounced as ‘Lin’.
The dumplings were nice. I was so full. That concluded this year’s festival and i went home happy without eating dinner.