While I Can

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Me at the abandoned school

I wish to find more ways to represent myself in the city. It’s always in my mind that when I get to the prime of my career or be important, I can live like a real person so full of confidence. It’s the golden age of everyone’s life during the 30s. I’m already a true display of the generation. And that had led me to think, I must dress well, look better while I still can.

Fashion has always been on the loop to me. I never try anything complicated and the nature of casual wear which I love should never be that complicated. It all derives from denim (my jeans). Thanks to my teenage grunge rock influence and a popular Japanese reality show (電波少年) back then. Who’d have thought someone with a broken pants can be on the stage rocking in front of thousands, right? It’s so much joy to see all the little details (stitching, buttons, rivets…) vary from brand to brand. I had invested my favorite and probably the most expensive pair so far to a Dutch brand 2 years ago. The Dutch designers just know denim!

Inevitably, fashion comes with a price…


Golden moment

It was interestingly enough that I did my first ever visit to the Art Basel HK this year. As I’d imagine, the exhibits were everywhere. However, none of them makes any sense to me. I did know know what the artists’ intentions were, what messages they tried to convey. On the other hand, I carefully observed the visitors in front of each art. Almost all of them were snapping pictures, selfies. Everybody care less about which master did it anyway. This type of fair is less than ideal to appreciate art. The fair and gallery curators had assumed the public already knows about the artists they represent. I’m sure their job is just to sell as much as they can.

It’s just very odd. This reminds me of the wine trade shows for trade visitors only, but they somehow let the public visitors in. One thing that I’m certain, neither of us has earned any art knowledge, nor raised our art awareness.

The Happy Queue

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Music pumping,
Banners waving,
Balloons floating,
Models posing,
Cameras flashing,
People queuing,
and me sweating

That’d attracted lots of attention to passerby, including me.

Top Shop is a fashion label I’ve not ever heard of, It’s claimed to be one of the biggest fashion chains in the UK. Living on the side of the world prevents me from knowing or I’m just wearing whatever brand labels are available here. They’re making their debut in Hong Kong today, opening their first shop on Queen’s Road, Central. GAP, H&M also made their debut openings on the same street. I’m not particularly drawn to Top Shop (they do not have men’s department) ever since I saw the ‘coming soon’ bulletins.


As for the others, they’re so damn excited about it. It’s a common phenomenon here to queue for debut openings. My buddy and I both were too sensitive to the queuing phenomenon. We like to joke about the queuing crowd as ants or sheep.  Maybe our space on the street is just way too limited, plus the high population density. Whatever people do, we see it. I believe it also happens on the rest of the world. It’s a celebration anyway, com’on?!

I finished my lunch break and passed by the queue area near the shop. I could feel the excitement and anticipation from the crowd even for just seconds.