Defining Christmas

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Either the Christmas decorations were put on way too early or I’ve lived long enough to realized that Christmas isn’t as special as many have thought. Put aside it’s the time when Jesus Christ was born, as a non-believer it has so little to do to me but just a couple of holidays.

Shopping malls decorated beautifully with the holiday setups. Panettone being sold everywhere in supermarkets. Peppermints get mixed in just about any caffeinated drinks. Corals singing by choir when location is allowed (or not..). Santa hats worn by the party-goers. Tall Christmas trees erected around town. Gifts exchange to someone important enough. Cards written with best wishes to friends (rarely any now). It’s also an important time of the year for most people get together. I then realized how much I get influenced by my family. Now it all makes perfect sense when my family is treating it as just any other day.

Reality check: What does Christmas mean to you?

Perhaps it’s just a reminder of ourselves  – A year is over.
Or a damn good excuse to say ‘What a beautiful day!’.

Christmas Lights
Christmas in Red
The Happy Photo