Push to The Limit with Ricoh GRD IV + GW-2: Episode II – Tamar CGC


A very humid and foggy day it’s in Hong Kong. Fortunately, there’s fair amount of wind blowing, made my city architecture shot attempt turned out okay. I brought my portable gorillapod for the shot. This is something I enjoy doing once in a while really. Doing urban lanscape is a very relaxed activity, it’s yet a good dose of ‘photography med’  after a whole week of street photography, hehe..

The place where I went shooting was in Admiralty, Hong Kong. Admiralty really doesn’t have much in it. Mostly a place for offices, 5 star hotels, and a few interconnected shopping malls. And also a whole bunch of bus stops. It’s a ‘gap’ between Central and Wan Chai. It’s only filling in the space. However, it’s an interesting spot for shooting above the highway/streets. There’re bridges all over the place.

I went up to the new Central Government Complex (添馬艦新香港政府總部辦公大樓) podium as it’s opened to the public not too long ago. The CGC is a beautiful place at night. The huge arch-like structure reminds me of the St. Louis Arch.  It’s modern, quiet, I’d imagine it’s going to be a great place for couples dating 😛  I’d…

Central Government Complex (CGC) - 添馬艦新香港政府總部辦公大樓
ISO80 f7.1 6secLight trails on Connaught Road and the SkylineISO125 f8.0 4sec

Central Government Complex (CGC) - 添馬艦新香港政府總部辦公大樓
ISO800 f2.8 1/6sec

The last photo was a bit of a gamble. I didn’t want to push my ISO higher. 1/6sec s. speed handheld. The far away lady added mood to my capture and showing how tiny she’s compared to the building.

It’s proven once again. The 10 megapixel Ricoh GRD IV has the necessary flexibility to achieve shots like these. It’s got enough dynamic range and gosh,..the setup weights only a fraction of a DSLR and perhaps a bit lighter than a mirrorless. Well, mirrorless is another animal, i won’t go there. Most importantly, it’s done with a compact point & shoot camera.

Thanks to the GW-2 21mm lens conversion, i was able to capture the entire block of CGC. Happy shooting with yours too!