People of Prince Edward


Man with bird cage

While we all get fed up with the shopping malls and overpriced restaurants in the commercial/tourist districts in town. They’re also great gems to be found in Prince Edward.

The city planning of Hong Kong tends to keep you grounded/glued to certain districts, unless you’re motivated to buzz out and seek for new things.

Man with flowers

Flower Market
Sometime ago I visited Prince Edward due to some job related matter. I visited the first time the famous Flower Market in Hong Kong. I did not enter the market but I could feel the neighborhood is different from other parts of Hong Kong. I revisited the place and found out myself.

As soon as I got out of the MTR station, all I saw was concrete. Concrete built buildings, cement paved roads, and a tall vehicle bridge covering up the sky. The Flower Market was just a 5-10 mins walk from the station exit.

The flower ladies

Surely as soon as I arrived, I see floral shops. No surprised…the only plants that interested me were the herbs. Perhaps next time I wanted herbs, I should have a few pots at home instead. So there were full of people trying to get through, scenes were not too pretty so I did not stop by to photo much. I did not want to photograph the actual shops as they’re easy targets for my photography.

Flower Market

After walking for a block or two, I came to the end of the road. And found a path led to a garden of some sort. On the way, I spotted a few folks carry bird cages. So I thought this is it. ‘It got to be the Bird Garden!’

Bird Garden
I always wanted to visit the Bird Garden. I’ve googled for location a couple times before. I wasn’t sure the exact location and now I found it by accident!

Best friends

I’ll just put it as ‘charming’ of this garden. I don’t know if any other places in Hong Kong allows birds displaying freely in public as there’s a growing concern of bird flu and all that in the past. The health safety department had made it clear, we cannot show birds in the public or you can get into trouble (fined). Not sure if that’s true, someone told me that…

Hang out at the bird garden

Forget the flu, life is too short. Just go in and have a look. There are bird enthusiasts and owners hanging out in the garden. The beautiful shades from the trees were shielding off the heat pretty well. It was a hot day but not burning my skin.

Bird cages

You can find bird related shops along the little garden. Others would describe the place as ‘exotic’.

Wish to buy one, whos' the lucky one

Hang out at the bird garden

At the end of the garden I found huge parrots (shackled)! They were owned by the enthusiasts and they’re very kind to allow pictures. And what’s more, they allow you to hold and play with them if you’ve shown interests in them. Make sure you compliment and say thanks 😉 They were making that section look very themed – reminds me of theme parks.

Hang out at the bird garden

Parrots and his owner

Visitors playing with parrots

After all that, I found out I hadn’t had any food except OREO and milk since the morning. So I had to look for food back in the center of the district. I passed by a park next to the Bird Garden. There were retired people chilling playing chess and ping pong. I stopped by and watched for a couple games.

Pingpong master

Goldfish Market
The discovery of the Goldfish Market was entirely an accident. I had a Hainan Chicken set meal at a chained restaurant. And came out to the corner, I saw bags filled with water. Aha! It’s the Goldfish Market!

You look good

The entire block was dedicated to fish (primary) and pets. You can find equipments, such as tanks, pumps and other accessories here. I would love to someday have a tank of fish at home.

Cooling down

My lens focal length was too tight for the narrow streets. Anything came out wasn’t that right. Next time I’d prepare a camera with wider lens for these kind of street action.

Sleeping in the chaos

I still managed to find few shots in the chaos. At very least they meant to me during this visit.