Trying and Believing

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As you’re reading this post, I’ve already got invited as a photographer by an active editor/writer in Hong Kong, who’s pledged on working on a book project. What’s exciting about this book project is that: It’s about Hong Kong and I can be part of it to contribute to my home. I get to work together as a team on topics that I also wanted to do. I cannot say I’m nervous, but just so little to know what to expect. Just like how you’d imagine what a new job is all about. I have a good grasp on all the common environmental settings, all i have to do is to be there really. Be there on the spot!

The workflow would be so different from what I normally do on such as a project or a photo essay. It will require more communication exchanges on photo selections and directions we should steer onto. I’m glad I could experience like this. On the other hand, I get to speak English again which I feel familiar with and yet odd (because I got rusty).

And how about the very same editor interviewed me for a themed article on a local english magazine along with a few other photographers (can’t wait to see how it’d look under the care of professionals). Who would have thought i get opportunity like this? It feels like a little lottery I’ve won.

I must thank myself for trying and believing thus far.

The Curtain
Kid thru the Glass
Into the Illusional Blue
Fine Wines in Professional Cellar
Professional Food Prep
Manageable Scale
Unmanageable Scale


Mobile Phone, Photography

There’s something about the way of life in the older generations. I like watching all forms of martial art and it’s hard to come by TV shows that document, introduce, interact with the remaining traditional Kung Fu masters in Hong Kong. I appreciate all the work behind this show ‘修行‘ (ended today) in total of 13 episodes, 13 weeks of enlightenment. The phase ‘修行’ means practice with mind, body and soul. You just wouldn’t believe how many types of kung fu here in Hong Kong. The masters (a.k.a. Si fu) were taught by the grandmasters from the previous generations brought until this day and still active and mentoring in their 60s, 70s. They all have a root, principle, history, background. Sadly, the society has changed so much. Kung fu was used as self-defense, body/mind training back then. As many masters have mentioned in the show, it’s a world different world they live in now. Students can hardly become disciples. Fewer people are coming in regularly because of the modern city life. And I’m seeing this as part of our rich cultural heritage fading away.

I found the phase ‘修行’ so helpful in me. Continual practice of my mind and soul is truly a way of ease off pressure in me. Practice requires body relaxation, calmness in mind, focus in will, openness to possibilities. I hope I got the words right. It has to be done daily no matter how busy you are. Think of it as a routine, like how we recharge and repair our body from sleeps. There’s not a goal but to continue achieving the next height. Just like a circle, a wheel, building power from within. There’s not a degree you could measure, until you feel your mind is lifted. It’s how I look at it.

This is so useful in applying this way of thinking. I just can’t recall when I do not feel worried or doubted. It seems like I’m carrying the same burden everyday without realizing what it’d done to me.

— Excited to announce there’s a joint exhibition at the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong presented by K11 & the Master Kong Society. It’s happening now until 3 Feb, 2015. Two of my mobile images can be found somewhere at the mall. My hint for you is, at least 30 inches on the longer side. I’ll be there to find out!

Info here: Scenes of the City – K11

Leaf on Leaf
Pathway to go forwardNew Year Day Celebration
The Southern Cowboy
Daddy Long LegsThe Door Gods
Broken Toilet
Cigarette Cyborg
Stairway to the Uncharted edge of Island
Pathway to another world


Mobile Phone, Photography

It’s a year since VSCO released the android version of their amazing mobile image editing app. It’s not a secret anymore, even so to anyone who wishes to perfect their precious mobile snaps. I got down plenty of images I love which many of them are so essential, just around me. Some even had been around in my entire life, such as the path to the cemeteries, the shopping malls…Some images were being curated on their Grid, some images were picked for an indie photographic quarterly magazine. I witnessed the potential and got myself aware that I should exploit on this platform.

It was not until I made a bold move to analogue, leaving all the digital grind behind. There were a few bumps now and then. But all is well at least until this day. Ever since I got a hold of the LCA, it replaced the use of my phone camera almost completely. I only use my phone camera when I’m on the run.

I never treated my mobile photography as a real project until I saw how nicely they form as a grid. To see all the images as a whole, they make a lot of sense of in terms of my life. It’s like a scrapbook of the year. New places, old places I’d been to. People I’d met along. Festivities around town that I participated.

Insignia of the HK SAR
The peaceful path
Sign of the yellow umbrella
the city is dying
Colorful city
overloaded city
On the bright side
Can't get in
Can't go down