The usual places


Afternoon view of Victoria Habor

Afternoon nap club


Keep clear from the playground

Very important letter

Deep thinker

Photos are from my archive of the past month or two. I still have not venture out of the usual spots I go for photography. I have not gone out of my comfort zone yet, have I? Am I missing the clear blue sky on a sunny day? Or is it a sign of tiredness? Whatever way I put it, I’ve still managed to gone out despite a painful experience with a pair of dressed shoes on last saturday. It peeled of the skin of my ankle good. If it wasn’t for my high school classmate’s wedding ceremony I wouldn’t wear it. It still hurts, ouch!

My feeling toward the places I visit often is not diminishing. With a camera in my hand, everything looks fresh again. I’m getting more comfortable with my distance in zone focusing at night. I got down to f3.2 and still able to get reasonably sharp images. A few photos each and every day well pays off.

I’d been watching the British series Sherlock Holmes. The videography is top notch. Perhaps I’m also learning from it. I got attracted to all their photography, besides all the humor they put up (I enjoy it). Absolutely amazing drama overall.

Travel Thru the Night


It all begins with my uncertainty. . .

I'll pay u back?

After hour

The two…

Info exchange

Prison Wall





From the night to the day…

Almost holiday season

Street food


I shoot photo with a tablet

Lunch hour

The Jade Seller

The banker on break

Done for the day

Word of Wisdom

Uncertainty has become more clear to me at night…I become a mindless little creature and go sniff everywhere…

Dancers - Asian Ethnic Performance 2012

The Percussionist - Asian Ethnic Performance 2012

The Hong Kong born Indian host Q Bobo (喬寶寶) waved goodbye - Asian Ethnic Performance 2012

I’m just a normal person not a journalist or reporter…Interesting things never come to me, I never go to them either. But when both bump into each other, it may very well be my photo.

天天向上 - "A Better Tomorrow" Statue

About the little white “A Better Tomorrow” statue above – It’s a movement to see what our younger generation have in mind. The figure is like a piece of blank paper, the designer (anyone) can paint it, dress it to their likings. It’s part of the Hong Kong Design Year program this year. You may find out more about this movement and the founder Danny Yung here: Danny Yung – Tian Tian Xiang Shang. The founder Mr. Yung wishes to use his little white statue to unleash the younger generation’s creativity. He stressed on his movement is for the youngsters, since they’re our future power who will shape our society. He expressed the current education system of Hong Kong is not so flexible, update to date when compare to other Asian countries. It’s causing our generation not able to express ourselves in many ways. 

I had my X2 with me after the brief service repair daily. Even on the days I did not want to shoot photos, I have it ready in my hand. There’s a lot of unknown, uncertainty, unsure thoughts popped out in my head. I think my current approach is taking even a more steps back and to have a more casual (not relaxed) state of mind. I do not want too much thinking to bother me, as it really drain on my soul.