High ISO in colors with Ricoh GRD IV: The People of Sheung Wan & Central – After work


Another day of my Ricoh GRDMy thought on the high ISO had always directed my attention to black & white. And recently I had been liking street photos in colors. So can we fuse high ISO and colors together with a tiny help of post processing?

Answer is subjective: Yes, Why not!?

Cowboy in Hong Kong
ISO 1600

Many of us thought the high ISO causes lost of colors, saturation and more. Yes but the current technology is doing its best with the high noise level in images. It’s still giving us colors at very least.

Cigarette & Phone
ISO 3200

Simply adjusting the contrast, hi/mid/lo brightness and sharpening, the photos became some of my keepers even initially were crappy..really crappy when unprocessed. Thanksfully, I did have my customized “My Setting” image filter to pre-process the photos in the camera while shooting.

He must be really tired
ISO 3200
I’m very fond of working with high ISO photos even on a compact camera i’m using – Ricoh GRD IV. Black and white would still work great with the digital noise (grainy). I’m more fascinated at the moment with the grainy color photos. It gives a ‘raw’ look and feel. Just like a painter doing a sketch on the go. It’s truly reflecting what this busy city is going on. I’ll continue to carry on in this method in the coming days. Hope you’d enjoy too!