Some Find The City …


Ash tray


Man & a Couple

Neon lights

Chinese New Year decorations

Kiss on a mess

Still Love U


Victoria Harbor

Hong Kong lights up whenever the night comes. Evenings are usually when everyone truly awake. It does not matter how sleepy and tired we all are during the day. At night meet up with friends, a couple bottles of cold beer or glasses of wine; it’s the quick remedy to our tiredness and stress.

Some find the city amusing
Some find the city beautiful
Some find the city hopeful
Some find the city horrifying
Some find the city disgusting
Some find the city hopeless

Maple Leaves

You're not alone

Kowloon City

Restaurant in Kowloon City


Squirrel in winter

Clocktower reflection


Model doll

Clothes hanging

Going home

A switched off light

The feelings toward the city is only formed by money and status. The one who possesses money and power has the right to choose. Ones without it has no choice but to live on the edge. It’s a sick truth that there’s hardly any edge here. There’s not a real suburb or rural places with cheap rents like everywhere else.

I like the phrase we use around here – ‘It costs over HKD$10,000 per square ft’ to own an apartment. That’s around the medium of many young adults’ salary. It’s insane. The sizes of apartments can vary from 400-1000 sq. ft. Let’s do the math. One third of the salary goes to our family for allowance, one third or more goes to food/transportation and other regular expenses. If we do not buy any new clothes, jeans, gadgets and do not spend a dime with our girl/boyfriends, how much do we have left? Just how could many of the Hong Kong citizen afford the high costs/rents. Many have no choice but to live with their family. If not,…

While many public housing projects are far behind schedule, many low income families have no choice but to live in illegal sub-divided cell/cubicle-like apartments with poor conditions. That’s the ugly side of the city which no one would ever see in the Western world. And what’s even uglier, the rent of those cubicles are constantly going up year by year.

That also applies to shops around the city, rents can be doubled every two to three years as soon as the contract ends. Retail businesses and restaurants operate by family of generations simply could not afford the ever increasing rent but to end their businesses one by one. The company that I work at had encountered the exact same experience twice in two years. At the non-shopping districts, it’s usually replaced by 7-Eleven, Circle K or Real Estate Properties. At the shopping districts, it’s replaced by the high demand luxury brand shops. The Mainland Chinese visitors have high purchasing power on those goods. It literally kicked out everyone out of those zones. The landlords can just never earn enough, do they?

Now, how could we all be hopeful?

A Ghost Town in Ma Wan



The Old Ma Wan Village

Gloves of nobody's


Broken Window

Members of the village committee

Mystery tickets from the fortune sticks

Lotus lamp at the Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau Figurine

Cartoon on a wall of a (once) restaurant

The Old Ma Wan Village

Couple in a beach

We have heard a lot of this term ‘Ghost Town’ on TV, movies, novels, storytellers. I’m sure not everyone has a chance to visit a real ghost town not even myself. Ma Wan is an outer island near the northwest of the Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. It was a fishing village. Long story short, the village is forced to be abandoned for property monopoly’s development. The remains can still be seen and visitors can easily walk around at the village.

There were hardly any visitors at the day when I visit. I did not want to waste the ferry fare came here for nothing. I wanted to see some other parts of the village that I hadn’t seen last time. I managed to find a way to the back of the dead village. It’s off the main passage. Not too much to see however. There were lots of bushes and vines. Since it’s so dead, it could get any deader if I stayed for long. It was not as haunting like you’d imagine. It was only quiet, not even a dog bark.

A dead village.

Travel Thru the Night


It all begins with my uncertainty. . .

I'll pay u back?

After hour

The two…

Info exchange

Prison Wall





From the night to the day…

Almost holiday season

Street food


I shoot photo with a tablet

Lunch hour

The Jade Seller

The banker on break

Done for the day

Word of Wisdom

Uncertainty has become more clear to me at night…I become a mindless little creature and go sniff everywhere…

Dancers - Asian Ethnic Performance 2012

The Percussionist - Asian Ethnic Performance 2012

The Hong Kong born Indian host Q Bobo (喬寶寶) waved goodbye - Asian Ethnic Performance 2012

I’m just a normal person not a journalist or reporter…Interesting things never come to me, I never go to them either. But when both bump into each other, it may very well be my photo.

天天向上 - "A Better Tomorrow" Statue

About the little white “A Better Tomorrow” statue above – It’s a movement to see what our younger generation have in mind. The figure is like a piece of blank paper, the designer (anyone) can paint it, dress it to their likings. It’s part of the Hong Kong Design Year program this year. You may find out more about this movement and the founder Danny Yung here: Danny Yung – Tian Tian Xiang Shang. The founder Mr. Yung wishes to use his little white statue to unleash the younger generation’s creativity. He stressed on his movement is for the youngsters, since they’re our future power who will shape our society. He expressed the current education system of Hong Kong is not so flexible, update to date when compare to other Asian countries. It’s causing our generation not able to express ourselves in many ways. 

I had my X2 with me after the brief service repair daily. Even on the days I did not want to shoot photos, I have it ready in my hand. There’s a lot of unknown, uncertainty, unsure thoughts popped out in my head. I think my current approach is taking even a more steps back and to have a more casual (not relaxed) state of mind. I do not want too much thinking to bother me, as it really drain on my soul.